No car for gift cards

An Avon woman is out $1,200 in eBay gift cards after she sent them June 8 for what she thought was payment for a car she saw on the website Offerup. However, when the money was taken from the cards and the supposed seller asked for $800 more to insure shipping the car, the woman became suspicious and called police.

Appliances, tiles stolen

A 34-year-old Cleveland woman was arrested June 3 for theft after Home Depot security said she took a fan, bidet and tiles.


Suspicious activity

Three girls, ages 6, 7 and 8, said a man wearing a mask and dark clothing walked into the back yard where they were swimming on Brookfield Road at 7:10 p.m. June 5, then he walked toward the home’s driveway. The man was of average build and was talking, but the girls couldn’t tell what he was saying, police said. The girls ran into the home and told the adults about the incident, but none of them saw anything.

Separated for the night

Police investigating a June 5 report of a disturbance at a home on Lake Road separated a 43-year-old man and his 17-year-old son for the night to end the dispute. No injuries were reported.


Where there’s smoke

A 26-year-old Covington, Ohio, man wanted by the Ohio State Highway Patrol for drug-related offenses was arrested June 7 along with his 52-year-old father from Sydney, Ohio, when police checked a June 4 report of smoke coming from the back yard of an Osborn Road home. Investigating officers found the warrants for the Covington man and arrested him. The father was wanted for non-specified offenses by Sydney police and was told to clear up the matter when he returned home. The two men had been hired by the Bay homeowner to do yard work and were burning leaves in a fire pit, police said.

Bicycle taken for a ride

A Bay teenager said his unlocked bicycle was taken during the morning June 7 when he left it in the bike racks outside Bay High School. It was gone when he returned before 2 p.m. A patrol officer found the bicycle undamaged in a stairwell on school property the next day. Police did not know if the bike was taken anywhere else or abandoned shortly after being taken.


Prescription taken

A bottle of prescription pills was taken overnight June 2 from an unlocked car parked near a West 229th Street home.

Car window smashed out

A worker at the Hospice of the Western Reserve found the rear window of his agency car smashed out at June 2 in the Fairview Center parking lot.

Can’t come in

A 42-year-old Parma woman was arrested June 3 for drunk driving and disorderly conduct after police investigated a 11:53 p.m. call of a woman banging on, then breaking a friend’s apartment window. When the friend refused to let her in, the Parma woman fled, but police caught her when she went to her car and two people refused to let her leave until police arrived.

Items taken from cars

Sunglasses, a medical mask and an empty purse were taken from three unlocked cars overnight in the Bard and Macbeth avenues area overnight June 4.


Acting out

A 36-year-old Lakewood man was arrested at 11:20 p.m. June 4 for disorderly conduct while intoxicated after police investigated a man acting out on Brockley Avenue.

Out of control

A 24-year-old Lakewood man was arrested at 2:19 a.m. June 7 for disorderly conduct while intoxicated. Police investigated a report of a man getting out of control in the 18500 block of Detroit Avenue.

Under the influence

A 24-year-old Cleveland man was arrested at 2:46 a.m. June 7 for driving under the influence after police stopped his car in the 11700 block of Detroit Avenue for driving erratically.


No name, no number

A 43-year-old North Olmsted woman was arrested June 3 for disorderly conduct while intoxicated after police investigated a report of a woman bothering people in the Kensington Court Apartments parking lot area. Police said she was not cooperative, telling officers she didn’t have a Social Security number, driver’s license or name when police asked for them. Police noted she had a strong odor of alcohol and two cans of beer. When officers arrived at the police station, a police matron recognized her from a previous similar incident, police said.

Clothing, cologne caper

A 55-year-old Cleveland man was arrested June 3 for theft after Dillard’s security said he took two bottles of cologne and a polo shirt.

Crash prompts arrest

A 34-year-old North Olmsted woman was arrested June 6 for drunk driving and failure to control after police investigated a 2 a.m. report of a car hitting a light pole near Lorain and Bretton Ridge roads. The car’s airbags had activated and the driver was checked for injuries at the scene, police said.

Would-be painters a problem

A North Olmsted man and woman, both 39, were arrested June 4, after police investigated a call about a man and woman acting as if they were “on something,” and acting strangely in the Elm Road area. They told an investigating officer they were seeking donations for the man’s son’s baseball team by spray painting people’s house numbers on the curb. When told they needed a permit, they said they didn’t know that. A records check showed the man was wanted in Belmont County for drug offenses and by North Olmsted police for driving on a suspended license and failure to appear in court. Police said a check of the bag they were carrying revealed apparent drugs and related items.


Graffiti issues

Police are investigating spray painted vulgar graffiti found on the Waterbury Bike Path on June 4.

Cutting through brings arrest

A 63-year-old North Ridgeville man was arrested June 5 for drunk driving after police stopped his car for illegally going through a restricted area on Emerald Street. The man was arrested after failing field sobriety tests.

Arrest after crash

A 64-year-old North Olmsted woman was arrested June 5 for reckless operation and drunk driving after police said they investigated a crash in a Center Ridge Road parking lot. No injuries were reported.

Shouldn’t have stayed

A 37-year-old Eastlake man was arrested June 7 for driving under the influence after police checked a report of a man hanging around the Sheetz parking lot on Lorain Road. Investigating officers said they stopped him in a car in the lot.


Gift card request a warning sign

A Rocky River woman said June 6 unauthorized purchases were made on her credit card to GameStop earlier in the month. She found out when someone claiming to be from Amazon sent a phony email saying she needed to change her password and buy a $500 Target gift card to deal with the problem. She became suspicious and called police.

Items taken from unlocked cars

A credit card, tools and a small knife were taken from two unlocked cars parked in driveways on Malvern and Riverview avenues overnight June 2.

Drunk-driving arrest

A 47-year-old Rocky River man was arrested June 7 for drunk driving after police investigated a 9 p.m. phone call about a possible drunk driver in the Center Ridge Road area. Officers found the car in the parking area near Giant Eagle on Center Ridge Road and arrested the driver, who they said showed signs of being under the influence of alcohol.

Window smashed for cigarettes

Cigarettes worth a total of $1,700 were stolen and a door window was found smashed after police investigated a 2:13 a.m. alarm June 8 at the GetGo Gas Station on Center Ridge Road. Security video showed a man smashing the window with a rock and filling a trash bag with the cigarettes, police said.


Wanted man arrested after stop

A 47-year-old Cleveland man wanted by the Cuyahoga County Sheriff’s Department and for having his license suspended for not paying child support was arrested June 5 after police stopped his car for going through a red light on Detroit Road.

Wrong way

A 40-year-old Lorain man was arrested at 1:25 a.m. June 4 for drunk driving after he went the wrong way through an area marked with traffic cones, police said. The man’s car had to swerve to avoid hitting a police car doing traffic work in the area, police said.


A ‘Rich’ scam artist

A Westlake woman was scammed June 7 into buying several thousand dollars in gift cards when a phony officer threatened to arrest her, police said. The woman told police a man saying he was Sgt. Rich from the Cuyahoga County Sheriff’s Department called, saying she had two warrants out for her arrest for missing her grand jury appearances. The woman said she knew nothing about it, but agreed to buy the gift cards to withdraw the would-be arrest warrants. Cuyahoga County deputies are aware of the scam and are also working on the case, police said.

Trouble in hot water

A 40-year-old Cleveland man was arrested June 10 for misdemeanor sexual imposition, disorderly conduct while intoxicated and possession of drug paraphernalia after police investigated a call about an intoxicated man groping a woman in the hot tub at the DoubleTree Hotel.

Not in control

A 32-year-old Olmsted Township man was arrested June 11 for not being in control of his SUV after police investigated a 1:40 a.m. report of a man passed out in an SUV at Crocker Park. The man could barely talk or stand up after police and paramedics checked him. Tests showed his blood alcohol level was more than three times the 0.08 legal limit, police said.

Don’t give out personal info

A guest at the Extended Stay Hotel on Clemens Road said he got an unsolicited call on June 11 from a man claiming to be a Texas FBI agent. The faux agent said the guest’s identity had been compromised and he needed to buy gift cards to clear up the problem. The man did not buy any gift cards, but did reveal some personal information. The victim said he would follow up with credit reporting agencies.

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