Pilot flew the coop

A Willoughby Hills resident reported that her 2006 Honda Pilot was stolen from the parking lot at Meijer on July 26.

Show me the way to go home

A 31-year-old Avon man was arrested on July 27 for failing field sobriety tests, police said. Police, who charged the man with operating a vehicle while intoxicated, had stopped the driver after a minor violation and noticed that the man appeared impaired.


I didn't order that

On July 23, a man on South Point Drive told police someone had brought property that did not belong to him into his home and back yard. After police interviewed the man and looked at the property, they identified a suspect. Moments later, that suspect showed up and was charged with breaking and entering. She had outstanding warrants in several locations.

Family feud

After receiving a 911 hangup call on July 24, police investigated and found a man with an injured face, received from his wife, who was also injured. Police found that the man had a protection order from his wife, making her in violation. She was taken to Avon Lake City Jail and held without bond.

Apparently unhappy about getting fired

A man reported that a male co-worker followed him home and threatened him July 24 after an argument at their workplace. The man accused of making the threats was fired and the other man declined to pursue charges.


Unlocked car with keys inside stolen

An unlocked Acura with keys inside was taken from a house on Lake Road the evening of July 24, police said.

Whoa, Nellie

A 58-year-old Bay Village man was stopped on Columbia Road near Lake Road on July 25 after police noticed a traffic violation. Upon investigating, police felt the man was under the influence and had him perform field sobriety tests, which he failed. After he was taken to the station, he refused to provide a breath sample to determine his blood-alcohol content.

Trapped raccoon

A woman on West Oakland Road had a strange intruder on July 23, prompting her to call police. A raccoon trapped itself in one of her trash cans, and she was too scared to release it, so police did it for her.

Another raccoon?

Also on July 23, police responded to reports of a dead raccoon in the road in the 28000 block of Lake Road that was causing several cars to swerve to avoid hitting the body. The body was placed on a tree lawn.

It just didn't compute

A woman on Lakeview Drive reported on July 24 that she received an email saying her credit card had been used to purchase a $6,000 computer. After calling the provided number, the woman realized that it was a scam and did not provide any more information. Police advised her to monitor her accounts.

Wrong button

A woman on East Oakland Road called police because both of her garage doors and the main door to her garage were open when she got up July 27. She said nothing had been stolen.


Lost bike found

A woman on Spencer Lane found an abandoned bicycle near her home. The bike was identified as one taken from a workout facility four days earlier. The owner had left the bike unlocked outside the facility because half of the class is usually outside and a witness said a man rode off on it.

Two charged with drug offenses

On July 20, police received a call reporting a possibly impaired driver on Lorain Road turning onto West 210th Street. Police found the car in the Target parking lot with the female driver barely able to walk and the male passenger struggling to stay awake. The 34-year-old Avon Lake woman failed field sobriety tests, and the 33-year-old Cleveland man told police he was a heroin addict. Drug paraphernalia and possible illegal drugs were discovered in a search of the car. Both were charged with drug abuse and possession of drug paraphernalia.


Checkout time

A suspicious-acting man was seen in a car at Extended Stay America-East on July 23, then quickly returned to his room. When police ran the plates, they found the car was owned by a female guest, who was registered along with a man from whom she was being protected. The man had three active warrants, including one from North Olmsted, and was arrested. The other warrants were from Strongsville and Medina.

Maybe I put my license in the stash

Police pulled over a driver on July 22 who failed to signal a turn. Police asked for her license and she had trouble finding it. Police smelled alcohol and marijuana from the car, and the underage driver failed field sobriety tests. Both the driver and the passenger had suspended licenses. Both were taken into custody with the passenger being cited for possession of marijuana.


He didn't park it there

Police in Warrensville Heights found an abandoned 2010 Audi Q5 on July 24. After investigating, they found it belonged to a Chippenham Court resident who reported it missing earlier that day after leaving it unlocked with the keys inside.

That's not me driving!

A Southbend Drive resident looked out the window and noticed their unlocked SUV with keys left inside was missing, police said. When the resident went to see why the 2020 Nissan Rogue was no longer in the driveway, it was seen being driven away.

Stay off the road!

After receiving calls of a driver on the wrong side of Interstate 90 on July 26, police found the car wrecked on the westbound ramp at Hilliard Boulevard. The 32-year-old Rocky River woman failed field sobriety tests and was charged with operating a vehicle under the influence and failure to control.


I'll be doggone

Police found a woman and her dog asleep in her car at the corner of Columbia and Center Ridge roads, but the car was in gear. She was awakened, but unable to put the car into park, so the police helped. The 42-year-old Westlake resident failed field sobriety tests and was arrested, testing 3½ times over the legal limit. Police reported the dog was not tested and “was quite happy to await a sober ride with some kibble and water.”

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