By Nicole Hennessy

The new Avon Middle School continues to look more and more like a completed school ready for students.

And now, its playground is coming along, too.

The $164,000 project will include equipment such as basketball hoops, swings and seesaws. It also incorporates a picnic table area, which will be used to accommodate outdoor classes and activities.

The board of education has considered the potential for noise complaints, as the playground is located near the front of the school, though the fact that the space will only be used during the day will likely mitigate any residential complaints.

Still to be sorted out as soon as the weather lets up are a few drainage issues.

As for the school construction itself, bids are currently being accepted for an all-weather track and the Long Road turning lane, which was recently approved by Avon City Council.

Throughout the project, Superintendent Michael Laub has commented that construction has consistently come in under budget.

“We had a $934,000 surplus on the original bid of the middle school,” he said. “We’ve been able to build this facility for our kids in a very cost-effective manner.”

Since the roof has gone up, the work within the building has begun to move along faster.

Among other projects, paint and tile are beginning to be applied, ceiling grids are going up and the mechanical systems are being hooked up within the building.

Projected to be ahead of schedule two days before the May 22 completion estimate, Laub said, “The project is really taking off now.”


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