The Avon Lake City Schools building projects certainly have the attention of the community. While everyone agrees the continued good maintenance of city schools is important, the manner in which that process takes place leaves room for many opinions. A number of people have had concerns about the elementary school bus loops. Some would rather have seen the bus loop money go toward additional classrooms, while others just didn’t like the bus loops. Avon Lake City Schools Superintendent Bob Scott made a point regarding the loops, speaking of child safety and the long-term plans for the schools.

One area I addressed with Scott at a recent Kiwanis meeting was the lack of visitor parking at all of the elementary schools. I travel Lear Road, Moore Road and Electric Boulevard every day and during school events like Grandparents’ Day and holiday events. Cars are parking on lawns and just about anywhere else they can. The schools have the grounds to provide the additional parking, so why has it taken so long to provide this? Scott told me the loops are for safety and the additional parking isn’t. He also indicated adding all those parking spots for just four or five events a year wasn’t the best way to spend levy money. Maybe so, but, in the long run, the people who park those cars are voters and I am sure they might have a comment or two.

Just like the school construction, I mentioned the new school bus garage has received its fair share of discussion. From the Avon Lake Planning Commission, city engineer and citizens the location issue just won’t go away. Rather than breakdown all the points of this issue, I urge our readers to read in-depth stories in this weeks issue.

The Avon French Creek Family YMCA will officially open Monday. The 68,000-square-foot $13-plus million facility will employ nearly 100 employees and offer just about every exercise program one could imagine. Things are already starting to organize with the first swim meet set for May 16 in the 82-degree competitive pool. The facility is something Avon and surrounding areas can be very proud of, I urge everyone to take time to tour the new facility.

Restaurant tip of the week: I eat breakfast just about every morning at Athena’s Restaurant located on Lake Road in Avon Lake. The food and service is always terrific, so I wanted to let everyone know that on Mondays kids eat for free. In my book, free” is a good thing and I thought our readers should know that.


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