Ice Cream

Photo by Susan Condon Love

Lily Perk, 7, is proud of the flavor she created for an Avon Lake ice cream store. She has named the flavor ‘American Warrior.’

Seven-year-old Lily Perk gripped the cone with both hands as she eyed the swirl of blueberry, vanilla and strawberry ice cream. She was about to taste for the first time the flavor she invented as the winner of a raffle at her school, Eastview Elementary in Avon Lake.

With a deep breath, and even before sitting down in the ice cream parlor’s lime-green chair, Lily gave a giant lick.

Eyes still closed, she smiled. “This is good,” she declared.

The adults standing nearby — including her mother Gina Perk; Arlene Jaroscak, who with husband Mark owns Divine Scoops; Avon Lake Development director Ted Esborn; and Ward 2 Councilwoman Jennifer Fenderbosch — all smiled.

The flavor debuted at the Lear Road store last week.

Lily got the honor of creating a new ice cream flavor in the school’s Summer Fun fundraiser, which brought in about $9,800 for school programs.

After thinking about it for a few weeks, Lily came up with the ice cream combination. When Jaroscak started putting together the three flavors to make Lily’s idea a reality, the blueberry flavor turned a little purple. “I added blue sprinkles to get the blue back,” she said.

“I like the sprinkles,” Lily declared, pausing briefly in her eating and giving the addition her stamp of approval.

“Lily is a huge fan of the television show ‘American Ninja Warrior,’ ” her mother shared, which is why the name “American Warrior” was chosen for the new flavor. She is such a fan that her parents have built a zipline and other “ninja” apparatus in their back yard.

Lily, who is heading into second grade, is the third Eastview student offered the opportunity to create a flavor. The first winner created a peanut butter s’mores flavor that has been available for two years; last year’s winner never followed through to create a flavor.

“American Warrior” ice cream will be available as long as there is a demand. The store currently has three 3-gallon tubs made.

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