What: Bunyaad Rug Sale

When: May 15-19

Where: One World Shop, 19321 Detroit Road, Rocky River

Times: 10 a.m.-6 p.m. Tuesday – Saturday; noon-5 p.m. Sunday.

ROCKY RIVER - Outside, the sky was gray, the air chilly and an on-and-off drizzly rain discouraged foot traffic along the strip of Detroit Road stores and restaurants. But inside One World Shop, a “fair trade” store that has been a mainstay in Rocky River for several decades, clothing and decor bursting with hues of blue, orange, yellow, red and purple gave a sense of summer and warmth.

Artisans from some 55 countries, primarily India, Cambodia, and Bangladesh, contribute the goods to the store. The work is bought by the nonprofit One World Shop (formerly Ten Thousand Villages), with 50 percent paid in advance; 50 percent upon completion. Its purchase enables the workers — 60 percent of whom are women — to provide food, shelter and an improved life for themselves and their families, according to Laura Potter-Sadowski, One World Shop manager.

Potter-Sadowski, who has managed the Rocky River store for two years, is the only full-time staff member at One World, which is directed by 10 board members and has about 20 volunteers, in addition to Potter-Sadowski.

“I really believe in this store,” she said, noting it helps dozens of vendors in developing countries beat the cycle of poverty.

Potter-Sadowski is spreading the word about a first-time special event, a Bunyaad rug sale being planned for May 15-19 at the store, 19321 Detroit Road. Based in Lahore, Pakistan, the Bunyaad rug artisan group includes more than 850 families from 100 villages involved in hand-knotted rug production. Each rug produced is unique.

“Representatives from Bunyaad will be on hand during the event to tell the stories of these works of art and show us how each rug improves the lives of families in Pakistan,” Potter-Sadowski said. “Rugs range in size from 1-inch-by-1-inch squares for on top of your table, to 3-foot-by-8-foot runners, to 10-foot-by-14-foot room-size rugs.”

The Tribal, Bokhara and Persian rugs are unique. The Pakistani artisans are “paid per knot,” which ensures the weave is tight and the rugs are durable, she said.

Cost ranges from $250 for the smallest table-top rugs, and up.

Unlike the rest of the store’s wares, which are bought outright from the artisans, the rugs are being sold on a consignment basis. “One World Shop will receive a percentage of each rug sale, so it serves as a fundraiser for the store,” Potter-Sadowski said.

Rocky River resident Julie Rea has been a volunteer at One World Shop for years and is one of the store’s 10 board members. “There are so many people who live in poverty,” Rea said. “We have the opportunity to help them feed, clothe and educate their families while staying in their home and communities.”

And, she added, “we all benefit from some awesome products.”

The bottom line, Rea said, is the question “are you doing the right thing?”

Rea has an answer to that question.

“Yes, you are.”

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Buying tips:

Bring swatches of materials and upholstery, paint chips and pillows to help you choose a rug that will blend with your decor.

Measure your room as well as the area you would want your rug to cover. Large rugs are impressive while smaller rugs can be more versatile. Be flexible in sizing and you will increase the number of rugs to choose from.

Remember that a rug made with high-quality materials will last for generations, while your furniture, upholstery and home will change.

Consider rugs that speak to you, rather than one that simply matches its surroundings. Be open to taking rugs home on approval, keeping in mind the rug you finally choose may not be the rug you first selected.

Buyers may take several rugs home to try them out, as long as they leave credit card information.

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