Apartment complexes proposed for Center Ridge Road and Hilliard Boulevard were presented to the planning commission last week by developers to share recent updates to the projects and to hear from the public. 

The first proposal came from RR Hilliard Partners with an apartment building featuring up to 74 apartments for the 1.33-acre site just west of the Rocky River Bridge, overlooking the Rocky River Metroparks Reservation on Hilliard Boulevard.

The complex is planned for the previous Rockport condominium site. Rockport was about halfway completed when a fire erupted the evening of Feb. 23, 2020. The wood-framed structure created a spectacular blaze, with smoke visible for miles. The cause of the fire was never determined, but arson was ruled out. Damage was estimated at $10.5 million.

The Hilliard Partners developers were once again not formally presenting a final plan, but rather having a discussion with the commission. The original five-story building has been redesigned to be more coherent with the surrounding buildings. 

The latest design for the 74 unit complex is now a tiered approach with a three-story building closest to the road that steps up to four stories in the back. The complex will have a combination of 2 bedrooms and single bedrooms.

The Cleveland Metroparks told the developers the concerns were for the height of the complex and the impact on the slope of the easement. Hilroc Condominiums’ board brought concerns about people using their parking lot and of one of the entrances being potentially dangerous. 

The developers took away the eastern driveway after seeing a potential impact between it and Hilroc’s western driveway.  They said they will need to go further with their engineering to prove to the Cleveland Metroparks that they will not cause erosion or damage to the slope. 

The second proposal included a public meeting about The Krueger Group’s proposed apartment complex at 22655 Center Ridge Road. The proposed four-story building will hold 54 units on the 1.4-acre site. The units are a mix of 2 bedrooms and single bedrooms with a majority of the units offering terraces. The 80,000 sq. ft. building will also feature a common area amenity room. The property will also feature an exterior courtyard and walking trail.  

The development faced backlash from the community, mostly from Riviera West Condominium residents. Riviera West was built in 1969 and features 1-3 bedroom condominiums. Residents brought concerns about the construction itself, regarding vehicles, noise and sewer impact and asked for privacy fencing around the complex for the neighboring properties to avoid noise and light pollution.

The planning commission expressed disappointment in the developers for not meeting with the neighboring properties and instead of giving final approval for the property, elected to table the next phase until after a meeting with all stakeholders took place. 

The cost of the projects remains unavailable until the developers apply for permits to begin building said Ray Reich, building commissioner for the city. 

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