Bay Village voters in Wards 2 and 3 will have two City Council candidates to choose from on Tuesday’s ballot. In Ward 2, voters will choose between incumbent Lydia DeGeorge and challenger James Strunk. In Ward 3, voters will choose between incumbent Mike Greco and challenger Gary Sharp. The winners serve a two-year term that pays $12,800 annually. 

Mayor Paul Koomar and council members Sara Byrnes Maier, David Tadych and Peter Winzig, are all running unopposed for re-election.


Lydia DeGeorge: Incumbent

Age: 65

Elected Experience: Council member since Jan. 1, 2018

Employment: Retired, most recently owned and operated a child care business for the last 20 years. Prior I was a retail district manager for 20 years. 



What do you see as the most important issue facing your city?

Infrastructure and finances go hand-in-hand. These are the most important issues the city faces; they impact every resident and business in town. Because infrastructure improvements are costly, funding is crucial to their success. Soon we will discuss details for upgrading our shared Rocky River Wastewater Treatment Plant. This will be a major financial commitment for Bay. We are in the midst of satisfying an EPA mandate to close our last sanitary-sewer overflow. The process requires an expensive investment. Routine repairs and replacements are ongoing.

What will you be doing to address this issue if elected?

I will continue to be diligent with our budget. I will ensure engineering assessments, timely execution of projects and mindful distribution of funds. I will support local, state and federal grant applications. I will advocate for increased budgets to expand preventative maintenance programs for sewer cleanouts, sidewalks and roads. As a Council we will continue to cultivate the essential balance between infrastructure improvements and strong financial health.


James Strunk

Age: 60

Elected experience: None

Employment: Self Employed CPA – North Shore Tax & Accounting Service LLC



What do you see as the most important issue facing your city?

The primary business district and Cahoon Park are located in Ward 2. We need to continue the balance of these two assets to our city. Cahoon Park should be maintained and enhanced, specifically in exploring the possibilities of the Lakefront Master Plan. The primary business district needs to be encouraged continuously to maintain, update and upgrade their storefronts and facilities.


What will you be doing to address this issue if elected?

Start exploring the different options to help fund the Cahoon Park Lakefront Master Plan.



Gary Sharp

Age: 56

Elected Experience: None; applied for Ward 3 opening

Employment: Territory Sales for Pure Storage



What do you see as the most important issue facing your city/district? 

The most important issue facing our city right now is the protection of the tree canopy and green space. We have to balance the construction of new facilities and the renovation of older ones with this in mind — always. Our trees and our parks are attracting hikers, bikers, beach goers and walkers from neighboring cities and we owe it to our residents to protect these with all considerations that come before council. It takes more than one committee or one group to ensure we protect and preserve the natural beauty bestowed upon us by those before us.

What will you be doing to address this issue if elected?  

I want to immediately meet with Certified Arborists to ensure we limit the times of year we allow the trimming and pruning of mature trees to stop the spread of disease. I also would support the partnership with homeowners who wish to remove trees from their property and plant a tree for every one removed elsewhere in the city. The parks, trail and beaches need a community effort to ensure they are free of litter and I would work with various businesses to construct an "Adopt a Greenspace" placard where that business would coordinate efforts to periodically remove debris with me. This could be rotated on a yearly basis.



Mike Greco: Incumbent

Age: 43

Elected Experience: None; appointed to Ward 3 opening on March 1

Employment: Human Resources Director for the City of Rocky River



What do you see as the most important issue facing your city?

The most important issue facing our city is infrastructure.


What will you be doing to address this issue if elected?

This election is about the citizens of this great city and how they are served. You will continually hear that I am focused on these subjects: Sewers, Streets, and Sidewalks.

Sewers:  I will vote to make sure resources are available for upgrades to our sewer system so as to protect our great asset of Lake Erie. Streets: I will vote to make sure streets are maintained and that Ward 3 will be represented in every annual paving program. Sidewalks: I will vote to make sure they are accessible to all residents, cleared for your safety, and annually maintained. It has been an honor to serve as Ward 3 Councilman and I respectfully ask for your support on Nov. 2. 

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