Avon High School junior Cole Emerine scored a perfect ACT Composite score of 36. While the number of students earning the top score varies from year to year, on average, less than 2% of all test takers nationally earn the top score.

Cole, 17, first took the test last year as a sophomore to get a benchmark score and practice for his junior year. He scored a 35 last year.

“Our school requires everyone to take the test in their junior year, so that’s why I took it again,” Cole said. “I didn’t study the first time because it was just a benchmark for me. I was surprised last year to get the 35. I didn’t study this year either.”

Cole took several Advanced Placement courses (biology, chemistry, calculus, computer science, and physics). He is involved in cross country, hockey, track, band (saxophone player), and Future Scholars of Medicine Club (vice president). His interests outside the classroom include challenging himself to learn new things.

“I like to teach myself random new things,” he said. “I taught myself some gymnastics moves like back flips and walking on my hands. Now during this quarantine period, I have been learning how to speak Italian, French and Turkish. I already take Spanish at school.”

Cole has attended the Avon Local Schools since kindergarten. His career goals are to obtain both a medical degree and a doctorate degree and work in the field of cancer research. He is undecided on a college/university, but has a list of potential top-tier schools in mind including Duke University, Stanford University, and the Georgia Institute of Technology.

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