Avon Lake police chief Duane Streator is Avon’s new Safety Director.

Avon Mayor Bryan Jensen appointed Streator — in law enforcement in Avon Lake for 32 years, the last seven as chief — to the position Monday at a special meeting of City Council held after the council’s working session. Councilmembers unanimously approved the action. There were 20 candidates for the position. Jensen said he selected Streator for the full-time job that pays $125,000 based on Streator’s experience and knowledge of northern Lorain County.

The Avon mayor traditionally has acted as the safety director role without additional compensation, but Jensen said the city’s growth warranted the hire of a full-time director to oversee Avon’s Police Department, Fire Department, Building Department and Traffic Department.

“As the city grows, we have been needing someone in this position full-time,” Jensen said. “There were a lot of good candidates, but I wanted someone in the position who knew the area. Collaboration and working with other agencies is key to this area as we’re beginning to think on more of a regional basis.”

Streator will oversee Avon’s police and fire departments, and the building, streets and traffic departments. He will start in the position in a month or less.

“It was not an easy decision,” Streator said. “It’s going to be a big change.”

First on his to-do list, he said is working on a contingency plan for first responders during the coronavirus pandemic.

“I have already spoken with Avon Police Chief Richard Bosley,” Streator said. “We are getting some plans in place so we’re ready in the event we face any quarantine situations. Being ready and working with the community is important.”

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