Three new devices that display passing cars’ speed are being placed around Avon Lake.

Three new electronic signs that display the speed of passing cars have been purchased by police and are being placed along high-traffic areas. Officials hope the signs, costing about $3,300 each, will make drivers more aware of their speed, especially in residential areas.

Avon Lake Police Lt. Fran Tibbitts discussed the new signs during a June 8 council meeting. The department purchased two types of signs, one a bit more high-tech than the other. Tibbitts did not have exact figures but said the higher-tech sign includes an electronic message board and was only a few hundred dollars more expensive.

Tibbitts said newly purchased signs are more practical than the older and bulkier speed trailers police have used. For example, the new ones run on batteries instead of solar power.

Tibbitts said the idea is to alert drivers to their speed. He said police do not expect drivers to continually stare at their speedometers when they should be watching the road. He said many drivers, after police stopped them for speeding, stated they were unaware of how fast they were driving. As did the older units, the new signs display the speed of passing cars. The display flashes if cars are exceeding the posted speed limit, the idea being to grab the driver’s attention.

The signs work in reducing cars’ speed about 30% to 60% of the time, Tibbitts said. He said the Avon Lake School District is lobbying to have signs placed near schools. Tibbits did not mention specific locations and that information was not readily available from school officials.

One sign sat June 9 at the corner of Pinehurst Drive and Jaycox Road. Tibbitts said during the June 8 Council meeting police placed a sign on Lake Road near Lear Road. Police still are considering where to put the third sign.

Following Tibbitts’ presentation, Ward 4 City Councilman David Kos said easily the No. 1 complaint heard by Avon Lake City Council is speeding on residential streets. Several of his fellow council members agreed.

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