Avon Board of Education members were informed at their Aug. 17 meeting student enrollment for the 2010-11 school year has exceeded the district’s projections.

Last year, the school district had a total of 3,718 students, Avon Superintendent Jim Reitenbach told board members.

The bottom line, Reitenbach said, is the 2010-11 enrollment has surpassed 4,000. As of Aug. 18, enrollment was at 4,010, according to Reitenbach.

That means the district will see 290 more students walk through the halls of the schools this year.

The district had predicted the number would increase to 3,945 for this school year, Reitenbach said.

“Right now we are much higher than we predicted last winter,” he said. “We have classes over 30 (students in size) at the junior high already.”

For this year’s all-day kindergarten, the district projected 207 students, Reitenbach said – “exactly what we had last year in all-day.”

In an Aug. 19 interview, Reitenbach said there were 218 students registered for all-day kindergarten.

“The board has said all-day (kindergarten) will go up to 25 kids (in a classroom),” Reitenbach said, noting most classes will have about 24 students.

As of Aug. 18, 64 students were registered for morning kindergarten classes and another 63 were signed up for afternoon classes. In all-day, morning and afternoon kindergarten classes combined, the district should see 343 students at Avon Village Elementary School when classes begin tomorrow.

Board Vice President Kevin Romanchok said in an Aug. 18 interview it is the “largest kindergarten class ever.” Last year there were only 321 kindergarten students.

Class sizes for other grades in the district will vary. For Avon East Elementary, class sizes are expected to be 25.6 for first graders, up from 21 last year, and second-graders will see class sizes of 24.3, up from 22 last year. Heritage South Elementary school class sizes have grown from 24 last year for third-graders to 24.5. Fourth-graders will see class sizes of 26, up from 24. Heritage North Elementary School fifth-graders will have 28.2 students in each class, up from 25. However, the sixth-graders will see a slight decrease in size from 26 last year to 25.6. Figures weren’t provided for the middle school or high school.

“It’s above what we desire,” Reitenbach said of the class sizes when board member Art Goforth asked whether the sizes were “far off the recommendations.”

Reitenbach acknowledged, “Class sizes will fluctuate because we haven’t had the withdrawals yet.”

“My belief is the withdrawals won’t be many,” he said, adding he thought  approximately 25 students would leave the district.

The district probably won’t know of all the withdrawals until mid-September, Romanchok said in an interview.

In 1995, Reitenbach said the district had 1,200 students. In 2006, the district had 3,000.

“We’ve not passed a new operating levy since 2006,” he said.

Avon enrollment by school

2009-10                   2010-11*

Avon Village 321 343

Avon East 611 674

Heritage South 642 657

Heritage North 600                            620

Avon Middle                             566                            608

Avon High                                  978                        1,108

*Enrollment as of Aug. 18, 2010

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