Avon Lake

The mother of a 4-year-old boy who fell from a fire pole and broke his leg at Erieview Elementary School wants to make sure the equipment is safe for all kids.

Mary Beth Wagner, whose backyard in Drummond Road is the playground at the elementary school, said her son, Josh, fell June 12 from the pole on his third trip down. He told his parents the pole moved when he slid down and lost his grip. It appeared the pole wasn’t installed correctly, as the cement at the base didn’t set right and a bolt didn’t secure the pole to its housing at the top. The pole has since been removed from the playground and that section is boarded up.

Josh had a spiral fracture to his left tibia, requiring him to wear a succession of casts through most of the summer. He had to use a wheelchair for about half of the time, as he was unsteady using a walker. The Avon Lake City School district’s insurance company is paying for the family’s deductible and other expenses incurred from the accident, such as time off from work for doctor’s appointments.

Wagner met with representatives from the school district, Board of Education and playground equipment company, Playcreations Equipment LLC, Aug. 16 at the playground to review the equipment and point out other concerns she had, as at the time, school was only a week away.

Superintendent Bob Scott couldn’t speak to the insurance aspect as it’s still an ongoing process, but said those in the district feel bad Josh was hurt and will do what they can to help the family. There was an issue with the playground when he fell, but Scott said the equipment is now safe and ready for the start of the school year.

“We keep checking the equipment,” he said. “We will keep checking it all year to make sure it’s safe for our kids.”

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