Emily Brassell, 9, is a fourth-grade student at Heritage South Elementary School in Avon, but over spring break, she could officially call herself a published writer.

Emily is one “Busy Ohio Girl,” and she had the opportunity to share her lifestyle with a national magazine recently through an essay of the same name.

Emily was featured in Faces magazine’s “The Midwest: Heart of America” April 2010 edition. She had the opportunity to share what she likes best about her midwestern hometown, Avon.

According to the magazine’s Web site, Faces is “the only children’s magazine that shows young readers how people in other countries, regions and places live. Faces fosters an appreciation of the world’s many traditions, encouraging young readers to think from new perspectives. Topics each year include national and ethnic groups, global issues, a biography of an international figure, and an up-close look at a region of the U.S.”

Faces Editor Elizabeth Crooker Carpentiere said the purpose of the magazine is “to show kids how their peers live in other parts of the world – how they are alike or how they are different.” It is geared toward children ranging from age 9 to 14.

Crooker Carpentiere said she got in touch with Emily on Facebook where she solicited essays for the Midwest edition. Emily’s mom, Carol, saw the posting online.

Emily submitted her essay last September, Carol said, along with photographs highlighting her Midwestern life. She finally got to see the finished product during spring break last week.

“I like going sailing and fishing in Lake Erie,” Emily wrote. “I have caught some really big fish. Sometimes we go to Nickel Plate or Lakeview Beach and play in the water and sand.”

Emily also wrote about some area sporting events.

“I like to go to Progressive Field and watch the Cleveland Indians play baseball,” the essay reads. “There is also a new small team right here in Avon called the Lake Erie Crushers. It is fun to watch them, too.

“If someone came to visit me, I think that they would have a blast. I would take them to Cedar Point, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, sailing and fishing on Lake Erie, and to an Indians game.”

Also in her essay, Emily shared her love of boating and attending the state fair, which highlighted the geography of the area, painting a picture for other young readers, Crooker Carpentiere said.

Asked what she hopes kids learn about Avon and the Midwest in general from her essay, Emily said, “That it’s very safe and fun, entertaining and all.”

Emily said it “feels really fun” to be published in a national magazine.

“It was pretty easy,” she said of writing the essay. “Most of it was common knowledge, like Cedar Point and all.”

Faces, published in Peterborough, N.H., is a subscription-only magazine. For more information, visit online.

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