Citizens and park lovers alike can now see the future of Bay Village's final plans to redesign Cahoon Memorial Park.

City council approved a $90,000 master plan for improving the northern end of the park on Feb. 1. The goal is to improve the shoreline of the 116-acre park and connect Bay Point, a small section of lakefront access next to the Bay Boat Club, to the rest of the park.

“We are a lakefront community, and I think it’s not embraced as much as it could be here,” said Councilwoman Sara Byrnes Maier. “There is Huntington Park, but we also have a small access point that people rarely use. We wanted to make that an amazing asset people could enjoy.”

The plan was created by SmithGroup, the same company responsible for engineering the Bradstreet’s Landing renovations in Rocky River. A virtual tour of the park is available at

The master plan is based on a mix of three designs that the city presented during a public input meeting Oct. 15. The park will include a stone cove, new trails overlooking the park bluffs and a bridge connecting Cahoon Memorial Park East to the Bay Boat Club, said City Project Manager Kathryn Kerber.

Officials including Kerber and Byrnes Maier believe that residents will enjoy the new lake views the park will provide. The feature Kerber is most looking forward to is the pedestrian bridge that will connect both sides of the park.

It is unclear when work will begin on the park. The timeline depends on the type of funding the city can secure from the county and state. However, the first project planned for the park is removing large sections of its bluffs to stabilize its shoreline, Byrnes Maier said.

“Something like this could take 16 to 20 years to complete,” she said. “What this does is provide the road map and vision for us to complete it.”

The northwestern section of the park offers a few features for pedestrians now. The park is known for its winding half-mile trail that wraps around the entire area. It also offers picnic and exercise areas for pedestrians. However, if someone wanted to get

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