Lovers of Lake Erie and Cahoon Memorial Park will have a new reason to enjoy them.

City officials have started seeking help from engineering firms to research and develop a master plan for Bay Point, a small undeveloped parcel of land with lake views just north of the Lake Road Bridge.

“We’re going to look at how that area connects to the surrounding park areas,” said Kathryn Kerber, the city’s project manager. “We hope to make it an attractive place for people to come and visit to enjoy the lake and the waterfront and everything else in Bay Village.”

City Council this week put out qualifications for engineering firms interested in the master plan project. The project’s $90,000 cost is being shared equally by the city and the Ohio Department of Natural Resources, said Councilwoman Sara Byrnes-Maier.

The master plan could be done as soon as September. Residents will get a chance to provide input as soon as the summer, Kerber said.

The project will look at how to beautify the small beachfront and make it more accessible. The plan will also allow the city to match work that’s already being done, such as extending the Cahoon Basin Trail 1,100 feet from the top of the sledding hill near the community house, under Lake Road and to Bay Point.

“We want to give pedestrians something they can look at when they go to Bay Point,” Kerber said laughing. “It’s just dirt right now so we’re hoping to develop something attractive.”

The master plan is part of a slew of projects the city has been undertaking in recent months. Most notably, the city is working on a zoning overlay for mixed-use developments that aims to encourage more commercial growth.

Kerber hopes that these projects will provide a clear vision for the city.

“It shows that we’re really trying to think about the future, we’re trying to come up with big plans to drive us as we go forward,” she said. “We’re doing a lot to keep Bay Village vibrant and improve the quality of life for Bay Village residents.”

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