With spring come orange cones and construction. In Rocky River, several large projects are in progress. Here is an update:

Street Improvement Program – The contractor is finalizing the items for the 2020 Street Improvement Program. It is expected to be wrapped up this month. The city is in the process of getting the following streets ready for repaving in 2021: South Island, Mitchell, Kramer, Riverdale, Beachcliff, Northcliff, Kings Mill Run and the City Hall Municipal Complex. Construction will begin in late summer.

Crack and Joint Sealing Program – The city has chosen a contractor and the contract was presented to City Council for approval on Monday. The two major streets on schedule for this year are Center Ridge Road and Lake Road. Other streets will be included in the project as well.

Bradstreet’s Landing – Work currently involves the setting and driving of sheeting and backfilling between the old pier and the new sheeting. Work continued with placing the rock protection along the toe of the new pier. Drilling of all of the rock anchors along the toe of the sheeting has been completed. Next week the contractor will continue to place rock barriers; complete grouting of the rock anchors; and continue placing granular fill in the pier.

Center Ridge Complete Streets – The project has resumed. Miller Cable Co. is replacing pedestrian crossing signalization poles and will be replacing traffic signals later this month.

Police Station – The masons have almost completed their work in the detention area. Upon completion, the cell doors will be placed and the masons will be moving outside to finish brick work on the exterior of the building. Painting is continuing throughout the building with primer and the first coat of paint has been applied throughout. The elevator will be delivered next week with installation upcoming. The general contractor will be finishing the firing range shell this week.

Story/Struhar/Shoreland – The contractor is finalizing punch list items for the water line replacement project on Story/Struhar/Shoreland. The project will be finalized soon.

For more information, call Rich Snyder, director of Public Safety Service, at 440-331-0600.

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