The first graduating class of Parkview High School from 1927. 

Bay Village High School is commemorating its 100th year with events scattered throughout the spring and fall and focusing on bringing alumni and current students together.

Events begin with a virtual town hall at 7 tonight with Bay Alumni Foundation President Jim Joyce, Bay High Principal Jason Martin and Bay Village Historical Society Treasurer Eric Eakin.

“We have an opportunity to celebrate the continuity in our community for their commitment to our schools, and most importantly to our kids, through this pandemic,” Interim Superintendent Char Shryock said. “I think for the community it’s a real chance to recognize that we’ve been doing great things for 100years.”

Shryock said through collaborating with the Bay Alumni Foundation, the importance of connecting former students and current students is a main focus of the Centennial Campaign.

“For me what’s so important is making those connections for our kids and showing what kids in the 1920s, the 1930s were doing that was innovative and exciting,” Shryock said. “What were they accomplishing with the tools and resources they had and what are you, as a student, doing with the tools and resources you have? What kind of legacy are you leaving for the kids who are coming after you?”

Jim Joyce, a 1978 Bay High graduate, has fond memories of his time in high school, such as his sister, who was president of the 1974 class and was in the middle of the push allowing girls to wear pants to school for the first time.

Joyce is excited to share the history of the high school with the community and the many stories it has, such as the time a plane made an emergency landing behind the building in the 1960s.

“I want people to know the wonderful traditions that carry on, the commitments that people made to make the city what it is,” Joyce said. “Plus the tradition of academic, sports and arts excellence.”

The town hall is just the first event this year with the Snoball Run following on Feb. 5 (see related story) before going into the spring talent show and play.

“Some of the alumni who were involved in the arts will be coming back to talk with current students about the plays that they did,” Joyce said. “Later in the year we’re going to do an alumni band celebration on the field, just like they do at Ohio State and other places. We’ve never done that here and at the various games, we’re going to celebrate teams from the decades.”

Joyce said this will be the 60th anniversary of the Rockettes and they will be recognized at the games as well.

The school has 11,000 active alumni, Joyce said. and one of the goals is to create an alumni network.

Martin said administrators will meet with the student council and other student leaders to connect to the foundation and become more involved in the events.

The strong bond between the foundation and schools is evident in the participation that remains strong, Martin said. He looks forward to using the expanded alumni network to increase internship opportunities and career and college guidance for Bay High graduates.

Martin said there are plans for the senior class to discuss who it wishes to recognize for the upcoming commencement. There are also plans for a corridor in the high school to be wrapped with the history of Bay schools and the district’s graduates and educators.

“This isn’t a one-and-done celebration. It’s a full year of all kinds of things,” Shryock said. “If you’re alumni or a current student you can see yourself in the work of the school so offering a wide range of centennial events gives everyone opportunities to celebrate through the lens of what they’re passionate about.”

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