Sheffield Lake

By John Edwards

Mayor Dennis Bring told Sheffield Lake City Council on June 12 that North Coast Communications would repair the fire department’s radio antenna on June 13. Bring also reported that new monitors (actually 42-inch TVs) have been installed in the police department’s dispatch area, along with new cameras covering the Sheffield Lake Police Department (SLPD) lobby.

Council members unanimously approved Bring’s appointment of Sean Yonkers as a part-time SLPD officer. Yonkers, a 2002 graduate of Cuyahoga Community College’s Police Academy, worked from 2004-07 as a member of the Brunswick Hills Police Department, and currently works as a security officer at Southwest General Health Center. He has also been a member of the Grafton Police Department.

In legislative action, council approved a resolution to refer to the Planning Commission proposed zoning changes that would standardize the acceptable size of single-family residences to be constructed under variances for vacant lots of less than 90 feet of frontage or 9,000 square feet, to require a minimum floor area of 1,500 square feet and total combined side yards of at least 30 feet. The Planning Commission is to review the proposed changes for a minimum of 60 days before sending it back to council. The zoning changes would apply for vacant lots with at least 70 feet of frontage.

Council heard second readings of two ordinances that would authorize a settlement agreement between the city, NCSL Inc. (North Coast Shoreway Lanes) and Marc Levin, trustee of the Shoreway Shopping Center Trust, with no discussion.

The proposed settlement would auction the contents of the bankrupt bowling alley and split the proceeds equally between the city, Levin and JP Morgan Chase Bank, creditors of NCSL. Council will discuss at its June 19 work session whether it wants to accept or reject the proposed settlement or reject it and assign the personal property contents of the defunct bowling alley to Levin and the bank and order them to remove it so the city could proceed with remodeling the building and leasing it for use by some other kind of business. Council will then vote after a third reading at the June 26 regular council meeting.

PHOTO Cap: Mayor Dennis Bring swears in new SLPD Patrolman Sean Yonkers on June 12. (The extra hand holding the Bible for Yonkers in the photo belongs to Clerk of Council Kay Fantauzzi.)

(Could be wild art) North Coast Communications repaired the Sheffield Lake Fire Department’s radio antenna tower on June 13.

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