June 9 – North Ridgeville

The city’s housing explosion has led to North Ridgeville being named a “boomtown” in Cleveland Magazine’s annual “Rating the Suburbs” edition.

Of 77 rated Cleveland suburbs, North Ridgeville placed in the top 15 in three categories, including third in most home sales (620), tied for 10th with Elyria for lowest property taxes ($1,650 per $100,000 of valuation) and 15th for 10-year median home sale price increase (23.69 percent), surpassed only by Avon. The figures improved vastly over the 2009 ratings, where the city scored seventh in home sales, with 282, and did not appear in any other top categories.

In addition, North Ridgeville ranked as the 24th safest suburb, up one slot from last year, placing behind only Avon Lake in Lorain County. There has been a drop from 72 to 48 in most crime rates from 2009, particularly with assault, according to the statistics.

Cited as a boomtown, the article mentioned the city’s 3,798 new homes over the past 10 years, adding that families of all ages have been attracted by lower taxes.

Mayor Dave Gillock felt while it’s good publicity, the articles have little actual impact on a person’s decision on where to live.

“First, I read the issue each year with a grain of salt and for the entertainment value,” he said. “I really don’t think the Cleveland Magazine really has much influence on a homebuyer’s decision where to locate. Having said that, I do hope we score highly in each of the categories and feel we actually ‘score’ very well overall.”

Service Department Supervisor Bill Gluvna said he hoped the statistics would have some impact on potential homebuyers.

“North Ridgeville has so much to offer; we have community development and a country atmosphere,” Gluvna commented, adding while city employees are not required to reside in the city, many do.

According to Gluvna, the city has managed to maintain infrastructure despite the housing boom.

“I’m not saying it has been easy, but we are keeping up,” he said, referring to the most recent project, Phase 3 improvements to Lorain Road between Root Road and Honeycut Drive.

Gluvna also pointed to education as incentive for moving to the city.

“We have good, quality schools and a great system,” he said.

Statistics rated the school system as 41, about the middle of the group. Improvements were shown over the 2009 ratings in proficiency test scores for third-, fourth-, fifth- and sixth-graders; however, scores fell for students in grades seven, eight and 11. Scores for the Ohio Graduation Test rose from 412.3 (out of 500) to 441.3 this year. North Ridgeville has one of the highest graduation rates of all suburbs: 99.5 percent.

According to the article, scores were based on this year’s available information for all communities. The category scores were then totaled, with some, such as safety and education, given more weight than others, like property tax. The overall top cities – those with the highest combined scores – performed best in all categories combined.

“I would love to see us rank as one of the top 20 for

bragging rights,” Gillock said, “but I don’t think it means more than that.”

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