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The Human Resources Committee decided to delay any decisions during a second discussion about raises for the city’s non-bargaining unit employees.

The committee met Thursday in hopes of meeting the self-imposed June 30 deadline for a decision. Councilman at-Large and Committee Chair Dan Bucci said in an interview that with the date approaching, the last thing City Council wants to do is wait until June.

“We did promise and we owe those employees a final resolution as soon as we can,” he said.

Bucci said committee members felt they would have a clearer picture following Monday’s Finance Committee meeting, during which they would review the city’s first quarter numbers.

At the previous HR Committee meeting, the mayor and Human Resources Director George Wintermyer supported a 2.75-percent raise for the non-bargaining unit employees. The total cost of a 2.75-percent raise would be about $15,000 a year.

In an interview following that meeting, Bucci indicated he was unsure if the non-bargaining unit employees would receive a raise given the city’s projected $1 million deficit. Some council members are in favor of a raise, he said, and they will need to come to a consensus.

So far, there is support for an additional personal day to match what the union employees received with their latest contracts, Bucci said.

The committee will meet again the first Monday in May.

The committee did decide to maintain City Council current salaries. Ward and at-large members of council receive $9,500 annually. Council president receives $11,500.


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