The city of Avon’s plans to build an aquatic facility on city-owned property located south of the Avon Post Office on Detroit Road are moving forward.

With Avon Planning Commission’s recommendation, City Council approved an ordinance granting a special use permit for the facility to be located on the close to 20 acres that are currently zoned single-family residential use.

Council also approved an ordinance authorizing Avon Mayor Bryan Jensen to enter into an agreement with Sixmo Engineering for the design of the aquatic facility.

Sixmo will design the aquatic facility as well as storm, sanitary, water and roadway improvements on the property, according to the ordinance approved by council, and will be paid $253,800 as part of the agreement.

Not much discussion was held on the aquatic facility during the Monday night City Council meetings; however, residents were given the opportunity to speak about their concerns during the Feb. 19 planning commission meeting and public hearing for the special use permit.

During the public hearing, Avon planning coordinator Jim Piazza said there would be a heavy row of buffering trees on the west side of the entrance to the aquatic facility, which would be at the continuation of Healthway Drive.

Piazza also said a buffer of pine trees would be provided along the houses on Holly Lane that border the property to the west.

On the south portion of the city-owned property, Piazza said the heavily wooded area will remain untouched.

Per city law, Piazza said the buffer must provide 80 percent opacity in the summer and 60 percent in the winter, noting pine trees provide 80 percent opacity year-round.

In terms of lighting in the area, Piazza said city law limits it to 24-foot poles in a shoebox fixture so that the bulbs aren’t visible.

Piazza said “nonobtrusive” security lighting is to be expected at night.

Bud Misencik, a Holly Lane resident, asked how loud he and his neighbors could expect an audio system at the facility to be.

“Those issues will be addressed in full detail once the project moves along,” Piazza said. “We are trying to protect the residential area … The buffering, we will work with you on.”

Another Holly Lane resident voiced her concerns about the aquatic facility.

“My concern is not so much the pool,” she said. “It’s keeping people out of my yard.”

Since her yard borders the proposed aquatic facility area, she said she’s worried the neighbors will use her yard as a cut-through.

During the meeting, Mike Bramhall of Bramhall Engineering and Surveying Co., who is working with Sixmo on the project, said he would meet with homeowners to address their concerns, including buffers.

In terms of reaching the facility by sidewalk, Avon city engineer Rob Knopf said sidewalks will be installed on the west side of SR 83 to start, with walkway access provided into the facility from SR 83.

Phase two of the project might include an access road from SR 83 into the aquatic facility, but it’s not part of phase one, Knopf said.

Along with a special use permit, planning commission approved the site plan for the aquatic facility at the Feb. 19 meeting.

Included in the site plan was a proposed facility plan, which shows a 4,900-square-foot competitive pool, a 3,000-square-foot recreational pool with water slides and zero-depth entry, a 300-linear-foot lazy river with zero-depth entry, a 1,000-square-foot sprayground, concessions and a 3,000-square-foot bathhouse, all on approximately 2.57 acres of land.

The site plan is set with planning commission approval, Piazza said, but where the pool features are placed on the property can be modified.

At the Feb. 24 City Council meeting, Avon finance Director Bill Logan noted that the estimate for the aquatic facility is between $4.5 million and $5 million, which the city hopes to pay off within five to seven years, using income tax revenues from the parks and recreation tax. Logan said that estimate doesn’t include roadway improvements.

With the planning commission and council on board to move forward with the project, Jensen said a committee made up of residents and council members will be put together in the upcoming weeks. Those interested in joining the committee can contact the mayor’s office at 440-937-7805.

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