At Monday night’s City Council meeting, members approved an ordinance authorizing the mayor of Avon to enter into contracts to buy land for the interchange to be built at I-90 and Nagel Road.

At the end of July, the city had made offers to 31 property owners totaling $6.1 million. The $6.1 million includes the cost of warranty deed takings with and without limited access, along with temporary construction easements, utility easements and damages.

At the Aug. 2 City Council meeting, Planning Coordinator Jim Piazza said that $6.1 million could increase should property owners make the case for counter offers.

The individual offers range from numbers as small as $1,100 to the largest offer of  $1.39 million, depending on the varying land values. Twenty-eight of the 31 property offers fall below the $400,000 mark. All offers above $500,000 had to be appraised three times, according to Piazza.

At the Aug. 9 meeting, Piazza said, “We have five (owners), by the way, that have already signed the contracts.”

The largest offers were made to DiBenedetto Building Company, Jacobs Group Avon LLC and RFM Facilities Management, L.P. Those offers were $1.39 million, $1.16 million and $706,650, respectively.

The city plans to buy 8.39 acres from DiBenedetto and use approximately 2.5 acres of property for a utility easement.

The city will need to buy 5.19 acres from the Jacobs Group and will use another 2.9 acres for temporary construction and a separate 1.88 acres for a utility easement.

The city looks to buy 1.7 acres from RFM and use .46 acres for temporary construction and another .15 acres for a utility easement.

Even though by approving the ordinance council is allowing the mayor to enter into contracts with property owners, that doesn’t mean the members won’t see anymore legislation regarding the topic.

Avon Law Director John Gasior told council members at the Aug. 2 meeting they could expect to see another resolution sometime in September regarding property owners may not want to sell to the city.

The land acquisition process must be completed by the end of the year, according to Piazza.

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