It was a scene that could only be described as efficient.

On the morning of May 15, a portion of Fairview High School’s second floor was abuzz with activity as junior Parker Weitzel and a small army of 30 volunteers masked up, assumed stations and assembled his Eagle Scout project, the Lockdown Bucket.

Designed to aid students who may be stuck in a classroom during a calamitous event in the city’s school district, such as an active-shooter situation, the buckets contain a number of items that would help those students dress wounds or even use the restroom. The 143 buckets contain a toilet seat to place on top of the bucket, a tarp and duct tape to create privacy, a bag of cat litter to counteract the smell, latex gloves, hand sanitizer and first-aid items.

Over the past year, Weitzel has hustled to put his plan into action, raising over $6,500 through GoFundMe and appearances at fundraisers and school events, as well as receiving around $3,000 in donations from a number of national businesses.

Companies like CVS, Meijer and Drug Mart donated gift cards, while local organizations like the Fairview Park Women’s Club, Fairview Park PTA and West Shore Rotary made monetary donations. The 5-gallon buckets were donated by Kaufman Container, Sherwin-Williams and Pipeline Packaging. Cat litter came from Cat’s Pride and Purina, medical supplies came from the Cleveland Clinic, among others. In all, 30 entities donated to the project, which Weitzel and his team assembled to be placed in all four of the district’s public schools.

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this is incredible. a very important project. people don't like to think about school violence until it happens and is too late. good job!

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