Elm Road in North Olmsted could be in line for its first resurfacing since 1997, should block grant funding be approved early next year.

The city has 11 streets on its list for possible repairs next year.

Members of the city’s engineering department graded each of these streets a 5 on a 10-point scale. Among them was Elm Road, located east of Columbia Road, which was last resurfaced in 1997 and could be again next year, according to Director of Planning and Community Development Kim Lieber, using Community Development Block Grant funding.

“We’ve had good success with these grant funds in the past,” Lieber said.

Block grant funds are made available each year by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, then distributed to counties, which then award municipalities up to $150,000 to be used on a range of improvements. Lieber said the project to resurface the road, which stretches three quarters of a mile, would likely take place in the summer. The grant application is due Dec. 11, with funds awarded by late winter.

Past projects the city has used block grant funding for include the recently completed pathway at North Olmsted Community Park, updates at the senior center and resurfacing a portion of Kennedy Ridge Road.

“When considering what to apply for in 2021, knowing it could be a challenging budget year with the continuing impacts of the pandemic, we really wanted to focus on infrastructure and some of the basic building blocks,” Lieber said. “Streets seemed like a natural place to look. We looked at our most recent street rating, looked at the streets rated the lowest in condition, and Elm Road was rated amongst the lowest in the city.”

The Elm Road rehabilitation project is expected to cost around $300,000, half covered by the grant and half paid from the city’s permanent improvement fund. The street has a concrete surface, but in a cost-saving move, the resurfacing would be an asphalt overlay.

Potential traffic disruption or a project timeline are unknown, as it is early in the grant application process. If the city receives the block grant funds, Elm Road will join the already-planned $2.6 million Brookpark Road resurfacing as the major street repair for next year.

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