A 22-year-old Elyria man was arraigned in Rocky River Municipal Court after police arrested him following a car chase that started at Great Northern Mall and ended up in an accident on westbound Interstate 480 that injured an Ohio state trooper on May 19.

Adrian Oliver appeared in Rocky River Municipal Court on Friday on a charge of receiving stolen property, a fourth-degree felony. His case was bound over to Oliver who was caught in a nearby neighborhood after he fled on foot when his car collided with a state trooper’s car.

The driver of a second car involved in the late-night chase was not caught. The car he was driving was found abandoned on Stearns Road.

Police said two cars took off when police arrived at the RTA Park and Ride lot along Great Northern Boulevard. Police had received several noise complaints, with callers into 911 stating they repeatedly heard motorcycles and/or cars continuously revving their engines possibly in the Great Northern Mall parking lot.

“The noise is horrible,” said one caller on a recording provided by police. She had called 911 just after 11:30 p.m.

Another caller stated this was not the first time loud vehicle noise came from around the mall. A third caller said the noise was louder than usual that night.

Police said they spotted a car driving “recklessly” in the RTA parking area. The driver ignored police orders to stop. Police tried to block other cars in the lot from leaving, but police said the drivers accelerated their cruisers, which backed away to avoid being hit.

Two cars went over a curb near the RTA station, and entered westbound Interstate 480, where police said at least one of the cars struck a trooper stationed there to watch overnight construction.

A North Olmsted rescue squad took the trooper to a hospital, where he was treated for what police said were minor injuries and released. Police did not release the trooper’s name or where he was treated.

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