Pickering Hill Farms offers hayrides and fresh produce to its patrons. Fall staples like hay bales, corn and pumpkins also are available.


Fall has arrived, bringing colorful leaves and treats including cider.

If you are looking for hayrides, pumpkin patches or apples, local farms in Lorain County have you covered.

Fitch’s Farm Market, Avon

Fitch’s Farm Market, 4413 Center Road, has a wide variety of produce to incorporate into any of your favorite fall dishes.

Produce items, such as cauliflower, broccoli, pumpkins, cabbage and peppers, are grown and harvested on the farm, farmer Adam Fitch said.

“You know where it comes from,” he said. “You can see the field that it’s grown in.”

You can pick your own peppers and tomatoes during the fall season. The farm also offers autumn staples like straw bales, pumpkins and fall decorations.

What makes the seven-generation farm stand out, Fitch said, is that everything is grown there; nothing is outsourced.

Fitch said his favorite part about working on the farm is being able to experience all of the different seasons and harvest different produce for his patrons.

“The whole maturation process.... It’s kind of like full circle,” he said.

Pickering Hill Farms, Avon

An Avon staple since the 1850s, Pickering Hill Farms, 35669 Detroit Road, has offered fresh produce for over 100 years. Open from June to November, it has seasonal produce like strawberries, corn, peppers and tomatoes.

Every weekend in October starting Saturday the farm will offer hayrides and pumpkin picking, a 25-year tradition. Patrons get a complimentary hayride to the pumpkin patch to pick their own pumpkins, which owner Jay Pickering said is his favorite tradition.

“It makes for a nice opportunity for families,” Pickering said. “Kids can have a good time. It’s pretty festive here.”

Along with the hayrides, patrons can pay $1 to maneuver through a corn maze, created by Pickering himself.

“I get a kick out of people who have trouble finding their way through it,” Pickering said.

The farm offers fall staples like gourds, Indian corn, corn stalks, hay bales and apples. If the farm does not grow it, it sources its products from local farmers.

Hillcrest Orchards, Amherst

Owner Bill Dodd said patrons can come to Hillcrest Orchards, a four-generation farm at 50336 Telegraph Road in Amherst, to spend time with family and make memories.

“I think there’s a little bit of an educational component where families can actually see where their food comes from and how it’s produced,” Dodd said.

Patrons can pick their own apples and pumpkins, as well as go on hayrides and explore a corn maze. Children can play in an outdoor play area called “the corn box.”

There is a $12 admission fee, but if you buy tickets at hillcrestfunfarm.com, tickets are $8 for all activities. Apple and pumpkin picking is an additional charge depending on how much you pick.

Dodd said his favorite thing about farming is watching the fruits of his labor come to fruition.

“We’ve been working on growing this apple crop since early spring, and now they’re ready to harvest,” he said.

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