This 0.285-acre plot, located between Story Road and Thomas Lane in Fairview Park, will be developed into a pocket park this fall, and will include a paved path, two benches, fencing, a trash receptacle, a light post and tree plantings.

In the coming weeks, Fairview Park City Council is expected to pass legislation pushing forward a project to build a small walkthrough park that will connect Story Road and Thomas Lane.

The 0.285-acre plot – south of Story Road and north of the Thomas Lane cul-de-sac – was transferred to the city in March, and was subsequently dedicated as a park. The Parks and Recreation Commission recommended approving the greenspace project on May 27.

The site is surrounded by single-family homes.

“We thought this would be the best use for a small piece of land,” city Community Development Planner Monica Jordan said. “It should have a big impact on this area of the city.”

In addition to a pathway connecting the two streets, the pocket park will house two benches, fencing, tree plantings, a light post and a trash receptacle. The transformation of the land will cost $43,299.50 and be covered entirely by a Cuyahoga County 2020 community supplemental grant program, which is funded through casino revenue. North Royalton-based R.J. Platten Contracting will perform the work, which is expected to be completed this fall before the weather completely turns.

Before the land was transferred to the city, the Thomas Lane developer installed an underground stormwater retention basin to help with excess water runoff.

“(This type of land) doesn’t come about often, especially in Fairview Park, which is a built-out community,” Jordan said. “Even though we are a built-out community, we do offer a lot of outdoor space for recreation activity in a lot of open space and greenspace park land. This particular parcel, while it’s small, not only provides greenspace for this particular area of the city, but also connects the West Valley neighborhood to the Coffinberry (development).”

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