Second-grade students Xander Long and Derrick Osborn dressed as centenarians for Forestlawn Elementary School's 100 Days of School celebration.


They gripped their canes, adjusted wigs and bow ties and did their best hobbling from room to room.

There's little doubt one can enjoy displaying the frailties of a centenarian knowing 93 years will pass before their 100th birthday.

That didn't stop the celebration among students and staff at Forestlawn Elementary School in Sheffield Lake as they marked the 100th day of school.

Why celebrate the 100th day of school? Teacher Patti Hicks said it's about celebrating the things students have learned. “They're 100 days smarter,” she said as she organized a game of Sudoku for students.

Before the 90-minute celebration took place, Hicks' students completed a list of what they'd learned over 100 days, noting their favorites. Some included “chopsticks,” which students used during a lesson about China, what school was like “in the old days” and money.

Dozens were dressed as centenarians as they and classmates visited second-grade classrooms where they engaged in activities that piqued their creativity and built teamwork. In one classroom, teammates built towers from small plastic water cups. They had to consider how to place cups so their towers wouldn't collapse.

Oliver Collins wore a wild white wig that hung to his shoulders and a flowing white beard that nearly obscured the wire rimmed glasses perched on his nose. He partnered with Luke Driver, outfitted in suspenders, bow tie, pocket handkerchief and glasses along with a liberal amount of powder, which turned his brown hair salt and pepper.

In another classroom, Brenna Jackson, in a bathrobe, and Alex Stottlemire, sporting nearly white hair, played a game called race to 100. Each was trying not to land on a space called “blizzard,” which would force them back five spaces, the only time the word “blizzard” meant something negative to a 7-year old, a teacher said with a laugh.

Dylan Work and his classmates were completing a sheet titled “If I were 100...” Dylan said he'd wish for 100 dogs and 100 cats for his 100th birthday, and that he'd dream about 100 iPhones, but definitely did not want any ice cream.

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