The Avon Lake Economic Development Advisory Board announces the next free small business workshop Nov. 23 from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. at the Lake House. The subject will be Accounting and Banking for Small Business. We will have a local CPA and local banker available for questions. All small business owners and their employees are welcome. Bring your questions for our experts. The Lake House is located at Veterans Memorial Park, 32756 Lake Road, Avon Lake, OH.

Seating for this session is limited. RSVP to

This is one of a series of small business sessions the Avon Lake Economic Development Advisory Board will be holding as Avon Lake continues to assist small business in retention and growth. Check the website for more workshops starting in January.

Joe Archacki, chairman of the EDAB said “We started these workshops this summer and they have been a great success. We will continue to assisting our small businesses to survive and grow. We hope to grow these programs in 2011 and continue our business-friendly agenda.

For more information on Avon Lake Economic Development visit and click on the Business Development Department.

The Economic Development Advisory Board was formed in 2002 to advise the Mayor and Council on business opportunities. The EDAB was formed to create awareness within and outside the community of Avon Lake Economic Development programs, identify business development opportunities, and promote and expand business within Avon Lake. The board provides advice to the Mayor and Council on issues related to the development of new and the expansion of existing business in Avon Lake.

The EDAB consists of Avon Lake citizens, local business owners, the local Chamber of Commerce and a member from City council.


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