Molly Darnell and her two little girls wanted to thank some very special people. On Thursday, they and fellow Avon residents and business owners delivered 48 gift bags full of goodies for members of their police department.

“The girls and I wanted to show support to our police department.” Darnell said. “So, I reached out to the community for some help putting together these snack bags. The response was amazing!”

In addition to bottled water, candy, gum, chips and granola bars from individuals and families, officers received coupons for frozen custard, doughnuts and beer, donated by local businesses.

Darnell grew up around law enforcement. Her father, Tim McGlynn, worked for the Cleveland Police Department for 42 years. Her husband, Aaron, works part time for South Amherst police.

“I have been surrounded by the law enforcement community my whole life,” she said. “I know these are good people. These men and women have taken an oath to protect us from danger. The least we can do in return is to be kind.”

She said 20 individuals and families helped as well as Avon Brewing Company, Computer Crisis, Culver’s, Peace, Love & Little Donuts and VFW Avon Post 7035.

Police Chief Richard Bosley acknowledged their effort. “I am grateful to the members of our community and our local businesses in recognizing and supporting the hard work our officers do daily in the city.

“I know that I am blessed to be a part of such an amazing community and so very proud of the members of the Avon Police Department,” he said..

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