Cleveland Metroparks planners want to stabilize and fix crumbling to Hogsback Lane, the half-mile-long road that leads in and out of the Rocky River Reservation.

But the work, estimated at $4.2 million, will tie into a bigger plan for the nearby neighborhoods, said Sean McDermott, chief planning and design officer for the Cleveland Metroparks.

“What we'd like to achieve is a connection to the Emerald Necklace all-purpose trail in the valley,” McDermott said. “We'd like to connect from the valley floor all the way up into the West Park Kamm’s neighborhood and Lakewood up Hogsback.”

The connection would be through a 10-foot-wide all-purpose trail, McDermott said. Other work would be rebuilding the road and building a substantial retaining wall. A trail would added to Hogsback Lane.

McDermott said he will not know until April whether the district has received a $2 million grant it has sought from the Outdoor Recreation Legacy Partnership program.

“Our strategic plan has several facets, but one of them is connections in making both physical connections to communities and connections to people,” McDermott said. “What we find is that nearly 70% of those who visit the park seek a trail-type experience.”

Hogsback is one of the most requested connections to the park from neighbors and guests, he said.

Hogsback has suffered multiple problems over the past decade, including being closed in 2019 due to the unstable shale that caused a guardrail to slip down the slope.

The road improvement and trail addtion is included in the Rocky River Reservation Masterplan, McDermott said, and was part of a Transportation Livable Communities Initiative study done by the Northeast Ohio Areawide Coordinating Agency, the regional planning office. The goal is to make progress on the road in the next few years.

The planning is done and all that is left for the project is waiting at this time. “It’s not a guarantee,” McDermott reiterated. The Metroparks will have to see if they secure the funding for the project first.

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