The first step in filling the soon-to-be vacant seat of Councilwoman At-Large Michelle Hung is a formal letter of resignation from the councilwoman, said Mayor Kevin Corcoran.

On Nov. 3, Hung won election to the Lorain County Board of Commissioners, defeating incumbent Lori Kokoski. No one seems to know the time frame for sure, but Hung said the loss of the two incumbents gave Republicans control of the county commission for the first time since roughly the 1940s.

“We had been through this before a couple of times,” Corcoran said of filling a vacancy on North Ridgeville CIty Council.

The most recent instance was about a year ago when council needed to replace Corcoran after his election to the mayor’s office.

Hung said Monday she was unsure when she would tender her letter of resignation. She added she intends to follow the timeline Corcoran used during his exit from the legislative body.

Prior to Hung making her comments, Corcoran said he expected Hung’s resignation letter at the next council meeting, scheduled for Monday.

Once legislators receive that letter, Corcoran said, they have 30 days to name a successor. If that does not happen, the selection falls to the mayor. All council’s at-large representatives are up for election in 2021, meaning whoever is selected will need to be on the ballot in November of next year if they intend to continue on council.

Although it is not clear when the City Council will advertise the vacancy, the usual procedure is to advertise for letters of interest and resumes to be submitted to the clerk of council. Legislators will then choose from among people who have expressed interest and likely hold interviews with the final contenders.

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