To the Editor:

Recent news reports related that FBI Director Christopher Wray said his agency would make "more than 40 changes to its internal procedures" in response to the serious violations found by Inspector General Michael Horowitz in the FBI's handling of applications to the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court (FISC).

It should be very apparent from what has already been disclosed about the manner in which James Comey and his cohorts handled the FISC applications that the problem wasn't the internal procedures that existed and won't be corrected by simply changing these procedures. The obvious problem was the corrupt group of people that ignored the procedures.

The American press that once prided itself on "holding government accountable" and protecting the rule of law has been neutered by its ties to the Democratic Party. And it is because of this one-sidedness that the Trump/Russian collusion hoax (starting with the FISA abuses) could go uncontested for three years. If President George W. Bush's administration had attempted such a coup when Barack Obama was coming into office, can anyone imagine that it would have continued for even a day without every mainstream media outlet covering the corruption night and day? Didn't think so.

All sides should be concerned about protecting the rule of law (in fact, even Hillary Clinton has recently spoke about its importance). But if we are to have any hope of retaining it, the individuals that participated in this coup attempt need to be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. And it would certainly help if some of the liberal media outlets that have been noticeably silent on the scandal were to find their voices.

Jim Johnston

Avon Lake

To the Editor:

The Avon Lake Regional Water bills arrived this past weekend. Our bill was 250% higher than the same period last year. I thought it was an error and there must have been a broken pipe. Unfortunately the bill is accurate. It was explained that September and October were dry and my sprinkler system was busy. Rates are discounted in the summer because of watering but increased 15% effective Sept. 1.

The other issue is the wastewater charge versus lawn watering. The water company assumes a 50/50 split in usage. Wastewater usage charges are more than three times higher than water usage. As a result of the dry months of September and October the water company grossly overcharged lawn watering as wastewater as well. Customers should get a rebate because this was grossly unfair.

Allan Mihalik

Avon Lake

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