The Rocky River Public Library has released a new plan to improve access to its facilities including revitalizing its conference rooms, a community resource fair and more.


Rocky River Public Library officials have announced a new strategic plan to update facilities and operations to improve access for the public. Work is expected to begin later this year.

“This plan is the perfect way for us to refresh what we’re doing and improve our services to the community,” said library Outreach Coordinator Stacey Hayman.

The strategic plan focuses on five areas of interest, including patron experience, collection services and healthy organizations. The plan also focuses on equipment, systems and space as well as public relations. To read more about the plan, go to

The library will focus on these values by adding kiosks, screens and improved signage and increasing power outlets in the building for increased access. Officials also hope to implement self pickup for books that are put on hold to make it easier for patrons to get in and out of the library.

The new projects will not hinder the library’s current services. It’s uncertain how much these programs will cost the organization, but officials plan to look for grants to pay for them, Hayman said.

The new plan is an update to the library’s former strategy, introduced in 2011. The library was then working on a new website as well as a mobile app and music streaming services for the community, according to information provided by the library.

“This conversation has been long overdue and it gives us a better focus for what we want to be doing over the next few years,” Hayman said.

Library officials began working on the plan in 2019, seeking input from residents. It was approved soon after but was postponed because of the pandemic as the library worked to safely maintain services, Hayman said.

Library Director Jamie L. Mason is looking forward to implementing the proposed improvements.

“A strategic plan alone does not produce results; however, it does provide a roadmap to the future, and I am incredibly excited about meeting the challenges ahead,” he said in an introduction to the plan.

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