The Avon Lake Board of Education met June 8. Assistant Superintendent Jack Dibee said because of state mandates, Covid-19 protocols for the district will be changed.


Students and staff can expect some pre-pandemic normalcy this upcoming school year in Avon Lake.

The district is changing its COVID-19 protocols because of state mandates being lifted, said Jack Dibee, assistant superintendent of Avon Lake City Schools.

“We’re going to try and do 3-foot physical distancing when possible, but 3 feet is not very far,” Dibee said. “It allows for kids to still do group work. It allows (for) normal classroom situations…”

Intensive cleaning and reporting of any COVID-19 cases will still be a part of the district’s protocols, Dibee said. Masks will be optional, even if students or staff have not been vaccinated.

“Unless the state orders change, but since the state dropped the health orders, we were mask optional the last two days of school,” he said.

Dibee told residents at the school board meeting June 8 that federal Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief funding will pay for the district’s Jump Start and summer school programs. No taxpayer money will be used for these programs, he said.

The Jump Start program is for grades K-12 and is a skills-based program with a social and emotional component. The free two-week program will provide meals for the 368 students who have signed up, Dibee said.

This is the first time in eight years the district is running its own summer school program for high school students. At no cost, students have an opportunity to earn credits to graduate, as well as receive free meals.

“We have 42 students already signed up,” Dibee said. “That just thrills me because of those students, there’s 42 chances that these kids are going to get a credit that they need to graduate and have one less stress hanging over them as they start next school year.”

In total, the district is paying around $102,000 using relief money for these programs.

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