A North Olmsted businessman and his two sons are trying to help tenants in their 21 apartments shelter in place by not charging them rent in April.

Paul Schumann, who along with his sons, Erik and Alex, owns 21 apartments in Ohio City and the Detroit-Shoreway area of Cleveland, is waiving rent for their tenants, who include bartenders, servers and a few young families.

“It’s tough out there right now for everybody,” Paul Schumann said. “Just about everybody is having to deal with tight finances right now, so this is something we can do to try and help them.”

Gov. Mike DeWine’s order that has closed Ohio bars and restaurants for all but takeout and delivery service has hit service industry workers hard.

“These are all people who are pretty much starting out right now,” Paul Schumann said. “Whether it’s on their own or having a family with young kids, it’s tough enough as it is. I don’t want to add to the craziness for them while they are out of work trying to make ends meet.”

Paul came up with the idea and after talking it over with his sons, called the tenants to inform them.

“They appreciated it,” he said.

Monthly rents range from $700 to $800.

“It will hurt us some, but it will help them more, Paul Schumann said.

Eriik Schumann credited his father, a longtime member of the Olmsted Historical Society and current Ward 3 city councilman, for caring about other people and their homes.

“That’s the way he is about things,” said Erik Schumann, who along with Alec, is a North Olmsted High School graduate.

“I worked in the general service industry, but I have a lot of friends who work in restaurants and that type of service and Alec was a barista, so we have a pretty good idea of the hard work they do,” said Erik, who lives in North Ridgeville.

Erik and his wife have two sons — a 2-year-old and a 6-month-old — so he’s aware that young families worry about resources.

“Hopefully, this will help them out in other areas,” he said.

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