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On Feb. 25, the Science Education Council of Ohio (SECO) recognized BHS principal Scott Daugherty with its Administrator Award for leadership in science education during SECO’s annual conference in Columbus.

On March 8, Sheffield Village Mayor John Hunter and Sheffield Lake Mayor John Piskura attended the regular Board of Education meeting, held at Barr Elementary School, to honor Daugherty and science teacher Donna Rini (see related story) with municipal proclamations in honor of their recognition by their peers and of Brookside’s rapid ascent from 9.7 percentage points below the state average on the science portion of the Ohio Graduation Test in 2004-05 to 10.2 percentage points above the state average in 2007-08. Hunter’s proclamation names March 19 “Donna Rini Day in Sheffield Village.”

Barr and Forestlawn principal Susan Enos introduced fourth-grade math intervention teacher Brenda Svec, Forestlawn fifth-grade teacher Holly Meehan and tutor Janet Depinet, who reported on Ohio Achievement Exam intervention and extra help programs for fourth- and fifth-grade students. Based on individual needs, some students are “pulled” from regular classes for intervention help during and after school, while others are encouraged to attend special study sessions after school. They detailed how individual, personal help is mixed with high-tech help and interactive Smart Board programs.

Depinet detailed how tutors collaborate with classroom teachers to focus specific help programs to an individual student’s needs. Some students need daily assistance, while others get help when specific problems arise. Often the extra help is presented in the guise of game playing and students are asked to create game questions for their peers to answer. Depinet also emphasized the importance of helping students recognize the difference between an author’s presentation of facts and presentations of opinion while helping them improve reading ability. Enos reported the number of students taking advantage of extra help sessions is growing and predicted higher Ohio Achievement Exam scores for fourth- and fifth-graders this year.

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