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Sheffield-Sheffield Lake City Schools’ operations manager Timothy Pelcic says the construction of the new high school and middle school building is progressing rapidly now, especially since all of the roofs have been completed.

“Our construction schedule is still tracking to be substantially completed in April,” Pelcic told The Press on Feb. 5. “Being under roof has been very productive this year, unlike last winter. A lot of progress has been made with the construction inside the new building. Our construction schedule is still tracking to be substantially completed by the end of the month of April. Terrazzo tile is to be installed in the corridors and cafeteria during the month of May, and it will take a month for the tile to set before it can be walked on. Then all the furnishings, desks, cabinets and technology installation will be done by June 2015. At that point, the new building will be ready for opening in time for the start of the 2015-2016 school year.

“Installation of ceramic and fixtures in the middle school bathrooms is complete now, and the rubber flooring is being installed in the middle school classrooms,” Pelcic said. “All of the middle school ceiling tiles, light fixtures and casework are in place. In the high school, part of the building installation of casework, ceiling tiles, light fixtures and flooring is well underway and will be finished soon. The freezer-cooler has been set in the kitchen, and the quarry tile for the kitchen floor is scheduled to be in place in the next two weeks. The middle school gym has been painted, ceiling lights installed, and basketball hoops are to be installed on Feb. 9. The high school gym is being painted now, and the gym floors should be completely installed within about a month, which is also when lockers are to be installed throughout the building.

“It’s very exciting to see everything take shape,” Pelcic said. “After all our delays and bad weather, it’s great to see some areas completed.”

Pelcic also talked about projects related to the new school building that have recently been completed, including installation of a sanitary lift station located in the northeast corner of the existing high school lawn. The new lift station is now tied into the wastewater treatment plant located across Harris Road, south of Sevits Stadium. The district also received approval from the Ohio EPA of its engineering plans to upgrade the plant and/or a tie-in to a sanitary sewer line if Sheffield Village is able to secure grants or other funding to extend sanitary sewers from Abbe Road to Harris Road.

“We’ve already awarded that project to Workman Industrial Services Inc., which was deemed the lowest responsible bidder, at a cost of $475,000, via a public bidding process,” Pelcic said. “Residents, or anyone interested in our project, can see photos of our recent progress inside the building on our website, We’re adding pictures to our website weekly.”


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