City officials plan to spend about $160,000 this year to replace the Mackenzie Road culvert, which is in poor condition.

North Olmsted Safety-Service Director Don Glauner said the project will start as soon as city leaders approve it.

City Council is scheduled to discuss and likely adopt the project tonight. (The meeting was moved from Tuesday because of the Ohio primary election.) The legislation would allow North Olmsted to participate in the Ohio Department of Transportation's Cooperative Purchase Program for this project.

“We’ve been able to save money and get some good deals by taking part in group purchasing programs,” Glauner said.

Planning and Development Director Kim Lieber said if council approves the project tonight, the legislation wouldn't take effect for 30 days. So it isn’t possible yet to establish a starting and ending date for the project.

The project should not cause any traffic disruptions because it will not involve tearing up the road, Lieber said.

ODOT inspectors found the culvert to be in poor condition in January, rating it at 3 on a scale of 10, Lieber said. When a culvert is rated a 4 or lower, replacement of the structure should be considered, she said.

Inspectors said the culvert got a poor rating because the portion under the northbound lane of Mackenzie suffered heavy corrosion and rust, especially along the pipe’s crown. The culvert carries storm water from the Root Ditch creek.

Councilman Duane Limpert, chairman of the Streets and Transportation Committee, supports the project.

“I’m glad to see it because it shows the city and county working together to get a needed project done for the city,” Limpert said. “A lot of people use that roadway to get to and from homes and work.”

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