City officials expect to repair and repave 10 streets as part of a $1.6 million street reconstruction project this year.

The city plans to put the project out to bid later this month.

The streets are: Alden Drive, Ashbury Park Drive, Brendan Circle, Brendan Lane, Bretton Ridge Drive, Brighton Drive, Cambridge Drive, Forest Ridge Drive, Hampton Drive and Somerset Drive.

“We want to get the bids out quickly, so we can review the bids, get with the contractor which is selected and start working on setting up a schedule for the work,” said North Olmsted Safety-Service Director Don Glauner. “We want to get those streets taken care of and if the contractor does a good job and there is some money left over, we’ll try to take care of a couple more streets.”

City officials again are planning for the contractor to recycle materials from the street during the project. The workers reconstruct and rehabilitate the pavement base where possible, Glauner said.

“We try and get as much use out of the materials as possible,” he said.

The city also plans to spend $1.16 million to resurface and make other improvements to nearly a half mile of Country Club Boulevard East between Great Northern Boulevard and Columbia Road.

The city will also hire a contractor to crack seal Lorain Road, and city workers will do the same on other city streets that don’t require extensive repairs.

Councilman Duane Limpert said the city is prioritizing the work.

“The staff does a good job of using street ratings to determine which streets need to get done before others,” said Limpert, chairman of the Streets and Transportation Committee. ”It’s an ongoing process where they review all the streets to see which ones need work the most.”

Rankings can change depending on the severity of the winter weather or unexpected accidents, which can make a roadway deteriorate more quickly. The city has been ranking streets since 2007.

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