Organizers of the North Ridgeville Corn Festival are offering a sweet deal to help make up for canceling this year’s festival because of COVID-19.

The festival committee will give away a bag of six ears of sweet corn to the first 200 cars in a distribution line set up at the North Ridgeville Shady Drive Park Complex off Sugar Ridge Road from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. on Thursday, Tuesday and Aug. 6.

“We wanted to do something to show people who normally attend the festival that we’re thinking of them, so we decided to give away some corn,” said John Butkowski, president of the corn festival committee.

The committee bought the sweet corn from Fenik’s Sweet Corn, the distributor it uses for the Corn Festival.

“People really enjoy it, so we thought it would at least give people a chance to get a taste of the corn even without the festival taking place this year,” Butkowski said.

The committee will give away 200 bags of corn each night, with each car getting one bag. If the bags run out before 8:30 p.m., the distribution will stop for the night.

With COVID-19 causing many people to be out of work, or working reduced hours, the committee thought people would appreciate the chance to get some good food free, Butkowski said.

Some members of the festival junior committee will wear corn mascot uniforms to make the event fun, Butkowski said.

Social-distancing rules will be followed. All committee members distributing the corn will wear masks and gloves. All cars must remain in the distribution line and people must remain in their cars to get the corn. No early arrivals will be permitted.

“We’re trying to set up guidelines which will make it safe and easy for everyone,” Butkowski said.

Committee members hope the festival will return next year, he said.

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