After-school STEM Club parent-run virtual sessions with teacher Kendal Tuck’s fourth-graders at Avon Heritage Elementary School focused on creating simple machines.


At the start of the school year, Avon Heritage Elementary School fourth-grade virtual teacher Kendal Tuck was worried about her students socially in a virtual setting. She reached out to the families of her class and they helped bring her visions to life. Tuck had an idea to bring parent-led, after-school club activities to her class and partner teacher Lisa Wild’s homeroom.

The class had its first parent-led, after-school Craft Club a few months ago. About a half-dozen students met to do crafts and chat via Zoom. Those who joined were eager to show their classmates what they created. Prior to winter break, a few parents hosted a parent-child book club. They read the second book in a series started in class, “Lemonade War.”

A STEM Club run by a parent met twice in December. The group constructed a toilet paper roll catapult and a toilet paper roll balloon car.

Students also have been meeting every week for the Art/Craft Club. Club members have created sugar cookies (with parent support), made string art, socialized and worked on art projects.

The clubs are open only to Tuck’s fourth-grade homeroom students.

“We wanted to strengthen those relationships first and limit the groups from getting too large,” she said.

There is a STEM Club, an Art Club (AKA Craft Club), and a Game Club. The Book Club is occurring in Wild's homeroom.

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