More scams

A Hickory Court resident reported on Jan. 7 that someone had attempted to use her Social Security number to obtain unemployment benefits. She discovered this when her employer's human resources department informed her through the Ohio Department of Unemployment Compensation. She was given several options to protect her information.

Drunk on Jaycox

Police responded to complaints about a possible impaired driver on Jan. 2 on Jaycox Road. The driver was arrested for operating a vehicle while under the influence of alcohol.


Who's that?

Police investigated a suspicious man on Dec. 31 on Avon Belden Road. The 41-year-old man was inside a restaurant, and was found to have drug paraphernalia. He was removed and issued a summons.

Big window

A resident at Westwind Drive condos reported a theft on Jan. 4. When police arrived, they found the theft could have taken place any time during the previous two weeks.

Car thefts continue

Four vehicles were stolen on Jan. 5 between 3-4 a.m. on Belmont Drive and Rebecca Lane. Two of the four were recovered, with one being found on East 233rd Street in Euclid and the other on Nottingham Drive in Cleveland. Police have put out a warning concerning a rash of car thefts in the past six months. The warning said that the suspects will travel in groups of three or four.


40-somethings do dumb things

On Dec. 30, a 44-year-old Cleveland resident failed field sobriety tests on Lake Road near Kenmore Drive. He was arrested for operating a vehicle while intoxicated. Failing field sobriety tests on Jan. 2, a 23-year-old man was arrested for operating a vehicle while intoxicated. Police stopped the resident on Lake Road near Cahoon Road for speeding. A 48-year-old man was arrested for operating a vehicle while intoxicated on Jan. 6. After stopping the car for a traffic violation, the officer suspected the driver had been drinking. The driver refused field sobriety tests.

Unemployment scam squared

Someone applied for unemployment benefits, using information of a resident on Windsor Drive. Police are investigating the Jan. 4 report. Meanwhile, a resident on Bates Drive also reported someone using his personal information to apply for unemployment benefits on the same day.


A sign of the times

A 44-year-old resident celebrated New Year's Eve by striking a handicap sign with a pipe in the parking lot of Fairview Village Apartments. Several 911 calls alerted the police, but the man had left prior to their arrival. Locating the man at his residence, thanks to a witness getting this license plate number, police found the man needed medical attention and he was transported to Fairview Hospital in Cleveland for treatment.


It doesn't check out

Two men tried to cash fraudulent checks on Dec. 28 at the Citizens Bank on Lorain Road. The pair had company checks made out for $1,064.92 and $1,561.50 from a company based in Rhode Island. One of the men said he has been homeless for five years and a man named Dave said he'd give him a fee if he cashed the checks for him. Both men were charged with passing bad checks.

Shoplifting at Walmart

A woman was seen placing packages of meat in a pink tote at Walmart on Dec. 30. She went through the self-checkout, and did not scan the items before attempting to leave the building. She was charged with petty theft in attempting to steal the $250 worth of meat


Aldi lists two for one

Two people were listed as suspects for shoplifting on Dec. 23 at Aldi. Information was collected for a report.

Rumor spreadin' 'round In that (Ohio) town

A 33-year-old LaGrange man was arrested for operating a vehicle while intoxicated on Dec. 26.


Argyle resident socked by scam

Someone attempted to use an Argyle Road resident's information to obtain unemployment records on Dec. 23. Detectives are investigating. There are no suspects.

Wallet missing at Marc's

Police are investigating a report that on Dec. 23, a woman had her wallet taken from her purse while at Marc's. There are no suspects and the incident is being investigated.

Not a happy Christmas Eve

A woman reported her car had disabling damage on the driver's side and had to be towed. The woman had left her car on Interstate 90 after it broke down. She discovered the damage when she returned the next day, Dec. 24.

Even Baby Jesus isn't safe

A Lake Road resident reported that someone stole his baby Jesus from the Nativity scene in front of his house on Christmas Eve. There are no suspects.


Ace isn't the place to steal tools

Ace Hardware reported that a man ran out with $500 worth of tools on Jan. 2. Jumping into a red car with a black top, the man was described as 5-foot-11 with red hair and blue eyes.

Sure plays a mean pinball (scam)

A man attempted to buy a pinball machine online on Jan. 3 but was scammed. He used Venmo to send almost $3,000 to the company before the company ceased to exist. Investigators are following up on it.

Look at the Avon Lake blotter

Several cars on Taylors Mill Turn, Settlers Reserve Oval, Halls Carriage and Berringer Run were entered on the night of Jan. 5-6. A suspicious SUV was seen in the area, but took off into North Olmsted due to safety reasons. The vehicle was found to have been stolen from a driveway in Avon Lake.

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