Magical Mystery Tour

An abandoned car was found on Nagel Road on Jan. 26. The car, which was reported stolen in Cleveland, was towed and could be released to its owner.

Honey Don't

Two drivers were arrested for being impaired in separate incidents. On Jan. 25, officers investigating a wreck found that one of the drivers was under the influence of drugs or alcohol. He was arrested. The next day, police stopped a driver after he made a marked-lanes violation on Interstate 90. He was arrested for operating a vehicle under the influence.

You Never Give Me Your Money

A pair of residents were involved in unemployment fraud as people attempted to collect benefits using others’ personal information. On Jan. 26, a 55-year old reported information had been used to file for unemployment benefits, and a 38-year old said his identity was used in a similar attempt.


Money (That's What I Want)

A local business turned in $140 on Jan. 22 after an employee found the money at the store's register the previous week. The business held on to the money in case the owner came back to the business. Police were given the money for safekeeping.


A resident on Augusta Drive had several thousand dollars charged to a credit card without his authorization. Police took the information Jan. 27.


From Me To You

Fraudulent unemployment benefits also were in vogue here, being reported twice by residents. On Jan. 20, a 33-year-old Longbeach Parkway resident said someone had used his identity and Social Security number to apply for benefits. His employer advised him of the action. On Jan. 22, a 65-year-old Cowles Drive resident said a former neighbor who had purchased her home 20 years ago dropped off a letter that had been mailed to the old address. The letter concerned unemployment benefits, although the woman is still employed. Both victims were told to contact their financial institutions about the fraud. Detectives are investigating both incidents.


A 44-year-old Avon Lake resident was stopped near the intersection of Lake and Bradley roads after committing several moving violations on Jan. 22. He was arrested after failing a field sobriety test. He refused to provide a breath sample at the police station.


She's Leaving Home

A woman filled a suitcase and three bookbags with merchandise then attempted to leave Walmart on Jan. 20 without paying for the items. She also stuffed her handbag with items. Between the five bags, $340.17 worth of items were taken. Police did not arrest her at the time because she said she had COVID-19 symptoms, but a warrant will be issued.

I Saw Her Standing There

A customer was seen switching price tags and concealing items Jan. 20 at Marc’s. She was taken to the Loss Prevention Office, where police were called. Due to the customer’s age and medical conditions, a warrant was issued for her arrest for petty theft.


Drive My Car

A car was stolen from a driveway on Greenlawn Drive. There are no suspects in the Jan. 24 incident.

You Can't Do That

Three rental units were burglarized at Center Ridge Storage on Jan. 18. Managers discovered locks cut off, and the owner reported items missing.


She Came In Through the Bathroom Window

A 19-year-old Cleveland woman became angry about sauces on Jan. 12 at Arby's on Center Ridge Road. After calling the workers names, the woman attempted to go into the building through the drive-through window. Workers identified the woman, and police told her she cannot return to Arby's. No charges were filed.

Fool on the Hill

Driving dangerously through the parking lot, a suspected thief left Giant Eagle with $566.39 worth of groceries on Jan. 14. Because of his dangerous actions, including driving faster than 85 miles per hour on Center Ridge Road, police called off pursuit. Officers are investigating and have a possible suspect.

You're Going to Lose That Girl

After reporting that several checks had been altered and deposited into a personal account, a corporate employee reported on Jan. 15 that a former employee of Lady Jane's Haircuts for Men is being investigated. The ex-employee is accused of taking checks and changing dates or check numbers on several occasions. Detectives are investigating.


Dear Prudence

It wasn't a good week for deer. On Jan. 19 at the intersection of Colorado Avenue and Orchard Court, a vehicle struck a deer, and the body was removed by officers. On Jan. 22 at the intersection of Abbe and French Creek roads, another deer was removed from the road.

Tell Me Why

A Realtor reported a garage door open at an empty house on Jan. 19. Police found no one in the house.


This Boy

A van was stopped on Jan. 23 when it was discovered the owner had a warrant from the Lorain Police Department. The 36-year-old Lorain resident was turned over to a Lorain officer.

Lady Madonna

A report that a woman in a silver minivan was screaming and carrying on at the intersection of Detroit and Crocker roads led police to find the van with its tires on the curb. The 25-year-old North Ridgeville woman was described as highly agitated and appeared to be intoxicated, which open wine containers and the odor of burnt marijuana in the van helped confirm. After calming down, she failed a field sobriety test and was arrested for operating a vehicle while intoxicated.

What Goes On

There's been a rash of burglaries, mainly in the western end of town. Five have taken place since Jan. 22. All the break-ins have involved unoccupied homes and have taken place between 7 and 11 p.m. The suspects appear to be going through back yards with flashlights. Burglaries like these are not limited to Westlake, but the city streets involved are Lexington Court, Prince Charles Avenue, Inverness Circle, Forest Lake Drive and Royal Woods Place. Residents who see any suspicious people or activity or have security video are asked to call police at 440-871-3311.

You've Got to Hide Your Love (and Keys) Away

A Ford F150 was taken from a driveway on Schwarz Road on Jan. 27 and a BMW SUV was taken from Weybridge Drive the next day. Keys had been left inside both vehicles, which were later found on Cleveland’s East Side.

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