Rip Stop 
It becomes pretty clear that when a driver backs into the police car that stops him, that person is driving while intoxicated. A 60-year-old man did just that on March 14 on Interstate 90. He was arrested for operating a vehicle while intoxicated. 

Got to Hurry

Police were going to stop a driver who was going at a high rate of speed on Nagel Road on March 17, but the 26-year-old Maple Heights woman stopped herself on Detroit Road when she crashed into the crosswalk pole at the entrance of Melt Bar & Grilled. She was taken into custody for obstructing official business, driving under suspension and three other charges.

Holy Mother

It was the main event at The Main Event on March 15 when police had to break up a fight between five people — two women, two men and a juvenile male. The fight involved residents of Cleveland, Akron, and Streetsboro. All were cited for fighting. 


Apparently nothing happened in Avon Lake. 


Tell the Truth I 
A Lake Road woman reported to police on March 10 that someone had forged checks from her account, taking more than $11,000. Detectives are investigating. 

Tell the Truth II 
Someone opened a checking and savings account with the name of a Powell Road resident to get a deposit from the State of Ohio Unemployment Office. The woman is not unemployed and has not applied for benefits. Detectives are investigating. 


The Shape You're In I

Alert police noticed a car stolen in Lakewood in the Ramada Inn parking lot on March 8, and then found the pair who had been in the car in one of the rooms, along with a handgun, methamphetamine and drug paraphernalia. The 22-year-old Cleveland man, who was under the influence of drugs at the time, was taken to Fairview Hospital, while the 36-year-old Painesville woman was charged with receiving stolen property, felony drug possession and possession of a weapon under disability. She was found to have a felony warrant in Lake County and was held for a court appearance, while charges for the man will come later. 

Key to the Highway 
A Lorain Road man found that someone had keyed his car and spray painted it on March 10. No other car in the lot was damaged, and he had no idea who would do this.

The Shape You're In II 
A 53-year-old Eastlake man was found to be under the influence of methamphetamine on March 10 at the Ramada Inn after the manager alerted police. They forcibly entered the room when he would not answer. He was found to have several outstanding warrants and taken into custody. He was released to Mentor police.


Hello Old Friend 
A man who claimed to be hungry and homeless shoplifted something interesting from the Giant Eagle on March 9: cologne. Taking the $8.49 bottle of cologne along with chicken, a wrap and some macaroni salad into the liquor department, the man bought a small bottle of refreshment then exited the store without paying for the $28.52 worth of other items. An employee who said he’d seen the man steal before alerted security. He was charged with petty theft and was told not to return to any Giant Eagle properties again. 

Strange Brew 
Walgreens and Pro Auto Towing had a serial intoxicated man on March 12. Police gave the man numerous opportunities to leave, but he took turns lying in bushes at one business and on the sidewalk at the other. Finally, he was taken to the station, where he blew a .224 breath alcohol test. He was charged with disorderly conduct intoxicated.

What She Wants 
After spending a couple of hours in Walmart, a woman tried to make a clean getaway on March 13, taking a Shark vacuum along with other items. Police stopped the woman in the parking lot as she had a laundry basket full of goodies, totaling $158.84. She was charged with petty theft.


Watch Out for Lucy
She came all the way from Parma, but the 41-year-old woman wasn’t exactly welcomed to the Pitts Boulevard house. Especially when she arrived and began pounding on the door at 9:47 p.m. on March 14. Police charged the woman with disorderly conduct persisting. 


Anyone for Tennis 
After a disagreement while playing basketball at Tri City Park on March 9, one of the players felt it was necessary to wave a handgun around and then leave. Police soon stopped a car matching the description and found two men who fit the description given by witnesses. A 22-year-old Cleveland man had a pistol stuck in his waistband, but denied having one. He was cited even though he had a valid conceal-carry license because he did not inform police that he had a handgun. Charges are pending in Rocky River Municipal Court 

Miss You 
A catalytic converter was stolen off a Wooster Road woman's Toyota Prius on either March 8 or 9. Repair costs were estimated at $1,026. There are no suspects.

Why Does Love Got to be So Sad 
Police received several calls about a man yelling for help near the Detroit Road bridge near The Westlake on March 14. It turned out that a couple had been arguing and the girlfriend fell. The injured woman was taken to a hospital for treatment.


Bad Boy
A resident proved not only to be a bad neighbor, but a bad pet owner on Orchard Street on Feb. 27. Police received a call from a man saying his neighbor's dog had used his yard for restroom purposes after he had asked the neighbor to clean up after the dog. A later call said the neighbor was now yelling at him and "flipping him off." 


Catch Me If You Can 
A 35-year-old Cleveland man was arrested March 13 at the Super 8 Motel. Police found that the man, who was wanted on a felony assault charge from the Cuyahoga County Sheriff Department, was staying at the motel. While waiting for him, police saw him trying to run from the scene. They caught him.

Heaven is One Step Away

A two-car collision resulted in a 48-year-old North Olmsted man getting arrested for operating a vehicle while intoxicated. Again. The wreck that took place on March 17 on Canterbury Road near Westwood Road was said to have been caused when the driver was distracted by his cell phone. Police, however, think he might have been celebrating St. Patrick's Day and administered field sobriety tests, which he failed. He was transported to Westlake City Jail. He refused a breath test, which brought an additional charge since he had five previous OVI convictions.

She's Gone 
A person was bitten by a dog when trying to help it on March 18, near Canterbury and Westwood Roads. The dog was struck by a car and the person went to help it, but the dog bit the person before running away. Officers helped the owner find his dog. The city prosecutor charged the dog owner with having a dog at large. The animal and good Samaritan are both recovering with minor injuries.

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