Sleepy Eyed Boy

A 20-year-old Lagrange man was stopped on Colorado Avenue on March 26 for a traffic violation. He was cited for speeding, possession of marijuana and possession of marijuana paraphernalia.


Daddy's Little Pumpkin

There probably won't be a family reunion at one home this year, after a 77-year-old woman reported on March 24 that her 54-year-old son had committed identity fraud. The woman said her son opened credit cards in her name and her deceased husband's name. He had also withdrawn all of the money from her bank account.

It's A Big Old Goofy World

Police noticed a black SUV swerving into the oncoming traffic lane, then driving as if it was evading police, who had turned around in pursuit. Police found the SUV parked in the Giant Eagle parking lot. The driver said he had swerved due to sneezing, but he had no excuse to explain why he was driving with a suspended license. He and his father-in-law's black SUV were picked up by a licensed driver, and he was cited for driving with a suspended license.


Illegal Smile

A resident on Knickerbocker Road reported a fraud on March 24. First, he received notification that his Amazon password had been changed, causing him to contact Amazon, but he was locked out of his account. Then, he began receiving fraud alerts on his credit cards. Detectives are investigating.

Yes, I Guess They Ought To Name A Drink After You

March 27 appeared to be the time to drive drunk in Bay Village as police stopped two women at separate times. First at 2:18 a.m., a Lorain woman was stopped after several traffic violations, then failed field sobriety tests. Then, at 10:11 p.m., a North Royalton woman failed field sobriety tests. Both are facing charges in Rocky River Municipal Court.

A Good Time

Three 18-year-old men were stopped after a traffic violation, and the smell of marijuana gave police the hint something just might not be right. It wasn't. They found the weed, some alcohol and some fake identification on the trio. The driver was cited for possession of marijuana and driving under suspension. One of the passengers was charged with underage possession of alcohol. The fake IDs were confiscated.

Six O'Clock News

When police stopped three 17-year-olds for a traffic violation on March 27, they found they had stopped a traveling pharmacy. The trio were found to be trafficking felony drugs and all were arrested. The car and all evidence was seized.


Silent Night All Day Long

The tunes coming out of a Northwood Avenue residence were so loud that neighbors called police on March 21. The music lover didn't like the music critics’ decision and got angry, causing police to charge him with disturbing the peace.

Donald And Lydia

Police had an interesting night on March 26. While they were checking on a reported altercation at the American Legion, an extremely intoxicated woman entered and needed help walking to the bar. When asked if she had anyone at home who could take care of her, she said her husband was at home, but he was lying face down on the kitchen floor. When they got to the Rockport Lane residence, he answered the door after a delay, but seemed very intoxicated. He said he didn't remember how he fell or how he soiled himself. When an ambulance arrived to take him to Fairview Hospital, the 75-year-old became combative with the paramedics and officers. He and his 62-year-old companion were issued citations for disorderly conduct – intoxicated.

Big Fat Love

A couple arguing netted the arrest of a 37-year-old Parma man. The couple were having a heated discussion on March 22 on Lorain Road. Police found the man had warrants in Fairview as well as another city. While searching the man, prescription pills were found, but he could not provide prescription information.


Same Thing Happened To Me

On March 27, a woman reported her license plate was missing from her car. The car showed damage from where the plate had been removed, but police could not verify when or where it happened.

Everything Is Cool

The hot item to steal on Clareshire Drive was air conditioners, as a woman reported her air conditioner missing on March 25. She was asked if any other units were missing theirs and she said she didn't know any of the other residents, but the pad was missing other units.


You Got Gold

Fraud was reported by three different women on March 9, March 24 and March 27.

Leave The Lights On

Three men were arrested for cutting catalytic converters off cars at Center Road Auto Sales on March 23. The highly disorganized gang was led by a 60-year-old Spencer man, and the two inexperienced members were a 19-year-old Marion man and an 18-year-old LaRue man. Police were alerted when people noticed them with flashlights in a dark parking lot.



A bullet came through a window of a Lake Road business and hit a wall sometime on March 22. The hole was found by employees, and fragments were removed the next day. Detectives are investigating.

Down By The Side Of The Road

Road rage appeared to cause an uninvolved vehicle to be hit on March 22. A Chevy Avalanche saw a driver in a Chevy Malibu driving aggressively, so, of course, he tried to block him, and, of course, that maneuver caused things to escalate. This caused the Malbu to tailgate the Avalanche, and the driver began throwing water bottles at him. The Avalanche, trying to get away, struck the front bumper of another car. When the Avalanche stopped, the Malibu did as well, with the driver threatening to kill the driver while holding a gun. By the time police arrived, the Malibu had departed, but the Avalanche driver didn't press charges.

Crooked Piece of Time

Two members of Planet Fitness lost more than a few pounds on March 23 when they found that someone had broken into their lockers and taken credit cards. Someone had attempted to use one credit card at Walmart, while the other had $600 charged to his card. Detectives are investigating


The Accident

It was suspicious, a car sitting in the parking lot of Cracker Barrel for two days. No one takes that long to eat. But police checked on it on March 20, and found it to be OK.


There She Goes

Many people will be searching for this workplace soon. A driver, who said she was on her way to work, slammed into the rear of another car on the exit ramp of westbound Interstate 90 on March 27. Although the male victim wasn’t hurt, the 58-year-old woman driver wasn't feeling any pain either, but it was for a different reason. Failing field sobriety tests, she was taken to the Westlake Police Department, where her breath-alcohol level was more than 3½ times over the legal limit. She told police, who charged her with operating a vehicle while intoxicated, assured clear distance and testing over the legal limit, that her employer “didn't care if I work like this.”

Common Sense

Three vehicles were stolen from Westlake on March 30. All, with the doors unlocked and keys inside, were taken from residential driveways. Two were taken from Woodpath Trace, and one from Tricia Drive. The Tricia Drive car was found on Woodpath, while the two taken from there were found in Cleveland.

In memory of John Prine on the anniversary of his passing.

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