Rivalries can make classy people do classless things, and police found that out on Sept.25 when it was found that a crude word was found spray painted on the Avon High School sign. A report was filed.

Don't You Be Ashamed

Bad drivers can do some really, uh, non-intelligent things. One bad driver on Sept. 25 peeled back part of the cargo box of a box truck after hitting a bridge. Police heard of the truck that was traveling on Interstate 90 because it was losing pieces. After stopping the truck, the driver said she did not contact anyone about hitting the bridge and could not give the location of the bridge. She told police after hitting the bridge, her husband's boss told her to drive it back. Not only was the truck damaged, but it was found to have incorrect plates. The driver was cited for operating an unsafe vehicle and also issued citation for fictitious plates


You’re the Reason

It was a pleasant evening on Electric Boulevard but that calm was broken up Sept. 19. A 19-year-old woman (NYOW) was sitting in her garage with her faithful companion, a dog (FCaD.) A neighbor’s dog (ND) came into the garage, causing the FCaD to switch into protection mode. The FCaD and the (ND) began fighting when the NYOW attempted to break them up, causing the NYOW to receive two marks on her right ankle. The NYOW doesn’t want anyone charged, but she wants the neighbors to keep the ND away from the FCAD. There is no further action at this time (NFAatT) .

Coming Down All Alone

He wasn’t responding. It was serious, and the police department and fire department did respond. An 18-year-old man was not moving in the driver’s seat of a car that was parked on Britannia Parkway. They were able to get him to respond, and he was charged with disorderly conduct, underage consumption of alcohol, open container, and released to a sober party.

Just to be With You Again

A 60-year old Vermilion man didn’t like the way he was escorted out of a place where he no longer worked. So, on Sept. 19, he reported that he was pushed on the way out of the Miller Road business. He completed a report.



A resident on Parkside Drive was concerned about a child screaming. After finding the source of the screaming, police found out from the mother that the 2 year old was throwing a tantrum about not being able to go on a bike ride. The little girl checked out OK, other than being disappointed about not going on a bike ride.

I Never Promised You a Rose Garden

A worker and the person who hired him weren’t painting a pretty picture on Sept. 29 at a Lake Forest Drive house. There was a disagreement about the quality of house painting, along with white tire marks in the driveway. Some arguing ensued when the painter refused to leave, resulting in the police becoming involved and escorting the painter off the property. The duo was advised to go to civil court. The painter, who said he left the keys to her house at home, was told to drop them off with the police. The homeowner was advised to change her locks.


Birds of a Feather

A man on West 214 Street raised a squawk and called the police to cry foul about what he discovered in his yard and on the outside of his car. Someone unknown had placed about 50 pieces of chicken around his yard and on his car that has a Vegan bumper sticker. It doesn’t mention if it was fried chicken or not. To add insult to meaty injury, a chicken wing was placed under the windshield wiper. The aggrieved vegan provided police with some nuggets of information, including names of the suspects. These foul (yes, we’ve used that pun twice) suspects admitted to the chicken crime. They were charged with criminal mischief.

Walk a Mile in My Shoes

A woman on Rivercliff Drive saw something suspicious on Sept. 22 in her backyard. A man dressed in black was lurking, apparently coming up from the Cleveland Metroparks, Rocky River Reservation. Since she hadn’t invited him to her yard, police were called. They found he had a warrant for a felony sex offense. The man-in-black was turned over to the Metroparks police.

Games People Play

While car thefts are rampant in many West Side communities, a resident on West 210 Street had an important part of his car taken on Sept. 27: the rear tag. There are no suspects at this time.


Silly Little Girl

She was in a hurry. So to save time, a shoplifter, er, shopper decided just to skip a few items in the self-checkout at Walmart on Sept. 21. Her skipped items came to $87.23 (tax included). She lost a lot of time when she was transported to the police department and charged with petty theft.

Fool Me

Years ago when I was single, I was broke. I ate cabbage and noodles for a week. But a woman on Sept. 23 at the Giant Eagle felt she deserved more. A lot more. After getting caught with 69 items for a total value of $1035.14 (Not sure about the tax) including multiple steaks, lobster tails, wine and makeup, the woman said she had hit hard times. But then, she said she had COVID-19, although she had not been tested for it. Further hurting her case was that she tried the same thing at the Rocky River Giant Eagle, along with multiple arrests for felony theft offenses, burglary and felony drug offenses. She is charged with petty theft and criminal trespass.


All My Hard Times

A 55-year-old businessman was enjoying a good night's sleep Sept. 23 when he got an angry call from a Cleveland woman. His truck, used in his business, was blocking her driveway. Since he was in North Ridgeville, he realized his truck had been stolen, so he contacted police.

Party People

Some people want to go to the new Avenue at North Ridgeville, a community described as one “ready to help care for those needing Skilled Nursing Services.” A 31-year-old Pittsfield, Ma., man really decided he was ready. However, he skipped the registration part by breaking through the front doors. He then refused to comply with officers as he tried to go farther into the building. After being detained, he was charged with burglary, resisting arrest, and, surprise, disorderly conduct-intoxication


The Greatest Love

Stino Da Napoli on Old Detroit Road is a great place to eat. In fact, it's so great that someone was trying to get inside despite it being closed. On Sept. 21, the owner discovered that someone had tried to get in his restaurant. Police discovered several places where this person tried to get in. There are no suspects.


Two physically-grown got into a physical altercation on Sept. 22. One driver had sped up, cut off the other, and then brake-checked him. The late-night fun continued as they gestured at each other, then got out of their cars to pummel each other. Officers are investigating and waiting a ruling by the prosecutor on charges

I'm Snowed

Walgreens is a great place to buy things including sleep aids, but sleeping, well, the parking lot is just not the place. Police found a slumped over in his car on Sept. 25 and discovered he had shot up heroin about an hour earlier After finding drug paraphernalia, he was charged with possession of drug abuse instruments and possession of drug paraphernalia


Don’t It Want to Make You Go Home

It just didn’t look right. A woman was taking pictures on Lake Breeze Road, and to top it off, it was in the daylight hours of Sept. 26. A resident found this activity to be suspicious, so the police were called. It turned out the 62-year-old Cleveland woman used to go there as a child.

Down in the Boondocks

Police responded to a telephone call on Sept. 27 about a large animal in the road. Large is relative, so it could be anything from a mouse to a blue whale. More than likely it wasn’t a blue whale.


Why Does A Man Do What He Has To Do

Police responded to someone pounding on doors at the Extended Stay Hotel on Oct. 1. Instead of finding the knocker, they found a 38-year-old Grafton man who had an outstanding warrant in Lakewood for drug paraphernalia. He was turned over to Lakewood Police.

Silly Little Girl II

I don't like ATM fees, but a 27-year-old woman threw up in the back seat of her own car and then passed out while still at the ATM. But then, it might not have anything to do with the fees, since she was field tested and arrested for operating a vehicle while intoxicated.

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