Friends In Low Places

Thieves were busy at Lowe's on Oct. 5. First an airless sprayer, worth about $200, was taken, then later a drill and cordless wrench, worth a total of about $470, were reported stolen. Warrants are expected in both cases.

Do It Again

Walmart topped that total with three. On Oct. 1, a 23-year-old Elyria woman tried to sneak out with about $110 worth of merchandise. A 59-year-old Lorain man was caught Oct. 3 with an unknown amount of items, but he also had drug paraphernalia. Then on Oct. 4, a 20-year-old Avon woman tried to steal about $415 worth of items.

For What It's Worth

A 21-year-old woman was cited for passing a stopped school bus on Oct. 4.


Walking The Floor Over You

A Cove Avenue resident reported on Sept. 30 that she paid a contractor several thousand dollars to put in flooring in her new house. However, the contractor removed some of the old flooring and then moved out of town. Police contacted the contractor, who said he hired someone to finish the job. The prosecutor is reviewing the case.

Money For Nothing

Police met Sept. 24 with a man who sent $2,000 (822,720 Nigerian Naira) to a person who had contacted him. He’d received a message that he’d get $5,000 (0 Nigerian Naira) for that amount. He decided later he had been scammed.

I Can't Drive 55

A 22-year-old resident decided on Sept. 26 that Speedway was not only a gas station, but a drive-in. He was wrong, and the man had a mandatory court date for operating a vehicle while intoxicated (OVI).


Baby, You're A Rich Man

A hard-luck thief entered several vehicles on Oct. 6 on Huntmere Drive. Nothing was taken from the cars. But one thief – or it might be the same one – hit the jackpot when a vehicle on East Oakland Road had $5 taken from it.



Scams and fraud led the crime parade. On Sept. 28, a South Sagamore Road resident reported to police that she had several calls concerning loans opened in her name. She called the out-of-state banks to cancel the loans. An investigation is being conducted. A Thomas Lane resident reported that someone purchased almost $2,000 at a Findlay store. Her bank was given back to the woman, and video surveillance from the store is being used.


Bell Bottom Blues

Police received a report of a stolen car in the city on Sept. 25. After officers found and stopped the car, the driver said he rented it from a guy named Derek for $30. He was charged with receiving stolen property.

There's A Tear In My Beer

A car swerving all over Lorain Road alerted police on Sept. 25. When talking with officers, the driver said he’d had just a few beers. (Now, he didn’t mention how big the beers were.) After failing field sobriety tests, he was placed in the back of the cruiser, where he said the arrest was for Bolsheviks or something like that. He was taken to the station, where he was charged with OVI.


Another stolen car was followed by police on Sept. 27 and stopped on Interstate 480. Yet, it really wasn’t stolen. The passenger had taken the car from a friend, who was mad at her so he called Cleveland police to tell them it was stolen. When the owner was contacted, he admitted the car wasn’t stolen and told police not to arrest the driver or the passenger.

Been Caught Stealing

What’s a blotter without a few Walmart shoplifting reports? On Sept. 28, a woman tried to steal $70 worth of items, and then on Sept. 29, security witnessed another woman trying to leave the store with $106 worth of merchandise. Both were charged with theft.


The Ballad of Thunder Road

A 42-year-old Lorain man was driving recklessly Oct. 4 on Lear Nagle Road, and officers found out why: He was snockered. He was charged with OVI, driving under OVI suspension, speeding, seat belt violation and, finally, littering.


Key To The Highway

Someone not only checked out an unlocked car on Carmen Drive on Sept. 20, but they used the garage door opener to open the closed garage door. Nothing was missing from the car or garage.

Steal Away

A catalytic converter was reportedly taken from a 2002 Honda Accord on Sept 23. The car, located on Pease Drive, was waiting to be junked.


Some naughty landscapers spoke mean words to a resident on Cottonwood Drive on Sept. 29. Since no crime was committed, there were no charges. Perhaps they can call the landscapers' mothers to tattle to them.


In The Summertime

A white van was circling Jimmy John’s over and over, looking in through the drive-through window way back in July. When police arrived, the van was gone and so was the caller, the final employee of the night.


Nowhere Man

Still sad. Second week of no Westlake blotter information to report.

With a little help from various musical artists.

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