Helpful Hint: if you're smoking an unfiltered cigarette that doesn't contain tobacco, it might be a good idea to turn on your headlights. One scofflaw couldn't figure this out on Nov. 11, leaving Main Event after midnight. He was stopped and cited for possession of marijuana.


Helpful Hint: if a police car turns on its lights behind you, pull over. A driver on Walker Road found that out Nov. 4. His car did not have a plate light on it, so police tried to stop it. Instead, the driver went from Moore Road to Miller Road before the driver’s light came on. The driver was cited for failure to comply, failure to reinstate, display of plates, and no lighted plates.

Helpful Hint: Some people don't need to be on the road. Police stopped a car on Lake Road, seeing that it had heavy front-end damage and a badly cracked windshield. The front airbags also had deployed and been cut out. To top it off, the driver’s license had expired the first year of Barack Obama's second term (that would be 2013!) Oh, he was cited, and his vehicle towed.


Helpful Hint: working from home means working at home. On Nov. 11, University Hospital Avon requested a welfare check on one of its employees who was working from home, but had not been in contact with the hospital for a week. He was OK, and was told to call work.

Helpful Hint: if you smell gas and you aren’t near a Taco Bell, contact the gas company. A resident on Russell Road smelled gas near her meter on Nov. 9, so she called police. She was transferred to Westcom.


Helpful Hint: If you’re going to do something stupid that’ll get you in trouble, hide your car tag. Two 20-ish males decided to steal some Timberland Boots from Famous Footwear on Nov. 2. As they ran on foot to their awaiting SUV, employees got a photo of their tag. If anyone sees a silver BMW SUV with an Indiana plate, call police.


Helpful Hint: Smoking is bad for you. An older man decided to put a different slant on that idea on Nov. 2, when he decided to steal 20 packs of cigarettes at 4:40 am. He asked for the smokes, which were placed in a plastic bag. He then asked for Tylenol. When the clerk turned to get them, the bearded fellow took off for his little red four-door Ford Focus, which he made his getaway eastbound on Lorain Road. The little red four-door sedan tags were noted. There were several warrants associated with the car owner, listing an old guy with a white beard, who was later identified. The owner had 29 outstanding warrants, including seven for theft. He added another warrant for theft from local police.

Helpful Hint: If you’re drunk and fried, don’t argue in public. On Nov. 4, a couple felt the Walmart parking lot was the perfect place for a disagreement. After being separated by police, the woman kept using her phone and attempting to walk away. At one point, she accidentally called 911, prompting police to take her phone. The man was cooperative, while the woman continued being, well, disruptive. She was arrested, and later picked up by the man and a friend.


Helpful Hint: When police tell you to not to do something, don't do it. A 30-year-old Elyria woman didn't get that message. Earlier on Nov. 5, she had sent a threatening text message to a 37-year-old woman, who reported it to police. After being told not to do it again by the police, well, she did it again. She is charged with telecommunications harassment.


Helpful Hint: Don't leave valuable things where thieves can easily get them. A man found this out Nov. 4 when he left a set of golf clubs valued greater than $3,000 by the trunk of his car while he went inside for 15 minutes. Video showed a man in a white SUV taking them. There are no suspects at this time and the detective bureau is investigating.

Helpful Hint: If you're trashed, stay home. An non-Mensa candidate decided he didn't have to do this on Nov. 7. Police received reports of erratic driving before he pulled into Giant Eagle, shopped, and left. While police were on the way to the store, they came upon a car that was flipped on its side. Guess who was driving? Same person. The 52-year-old Avon Lake resident was cited for operating a vehicle while intoxicated, failure to control and seat belt violations. Thank goodness, no one else was hurt.

Helpful Hint: Be a gracious winner. Three men decided to celebrate the presidential election with fireworks on the lawn of a Lake Road home that had had a controversial display for the other candidate.The men, including one wearing an American flag costume, said they were celebrating democracy. The homeowner said he had lawn damage and wanted to press charges. The report has been sent to the prosecutor for a ruling and charges are pending.


Helpful Hint: If you aren't doing anything wrong, don't act like you are. As they saw police approach two girls began hiding behind an electrical box on Lake Breeze Road on Nov. 4. Giving the 18 year old and 14 year old a ride home, police found out they were just taking pictures of each other.

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